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Exciting New Treatment Provides Real-time Images of Dying Tumours

Exciting New Treatment Provides Real-time Images of Dying Tumours

Using two successive pairs of specialized CT scans has produced real-time images of liver tumours dying from direct injection of anticancer drugs into tumours and their surrounding blood vessels. Within a minute, the images showed whether the targeted chemotherapy did or did not choke off the tumours' blood supply and saved patients a month of worry about whether the treatment, known as chemoembolization (A technique for delivering a quantity of an anticancer drug directly into a cancer via its feeding blood vessels) was working or not, and whether repeat or more powerful treatments were needed. This new scanning method gives almost instant feedback of the value of injecting anti-tumour drugs directly into liver tumours to quickly kill them, and prevent the cancer from spreading. If further testing proves equally successful, the paired use of cone-beam CT scans, which are already approved for single-scan use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, could supplant the current practice of MRI scanning.



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