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After two negative biopsies doctors still believe is lung cancer.

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Hello, my name is Marily and my father is 65 years old he's a pretty healthy active guy, but about two weeks ago he started coughing blood.. he hadn't had any pain or anything prior.

We took him to the ER and every since we got in they were sure it was lung cancer.

They did a X - ray and found a tumor close to his airway. Every since we were in the hospital they performed 45 tests. Which included PET scan CT scan .. and all others.. no cáncer was found.. not spread or anything on the scans. He had a one biopsy which lasted 20min and came back negative. But they said they needed more since they're sure it is cancer. They went in and performed a two hour biopsy which came back negative as well. But they still tell us that they still think it's cancer. I don't know what else to believe ? One day we are happy and the next they tell us to not get our hopes up.. he has been a smoker his entire life and I know why this must make sense .. but after two biopsies can it be just not cancer ?

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Hi Marily it must be very frustrating for you both. Your father has certainly had some tests. Apart from trying a different hospital for a diagnosis I don't know what else to suggest. Hopefully someone else on here can give you better advice but keep us up to date as it is curious.

Best wishes


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Hi hoggy,

Yes we are going to another hospital! Thank you

I can only suggest the same as Hoggy, maybe a second opinion from another hospital / consultant which, I imagine, would involve the same or similar tests to the ones your father has already undergone. I'm currently waiting for the results of a similar type biopsy after similar symptoms - I was coughing small amounts of blood and a scan showed an irregularity on the left side of windpipe. A bronchoscopy showed that I also had an infection in the lung on that same side which seems to have cleared up after a course of meds. I can understand how frustrated you must be and the agonising ups and downs of not knowing one way or the other, hang on in there, hopefully you will get the answers you need in the end. Do let us know how your father gets on, it is indeed very curious. Wishing the best to you and your father x

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Pereira54 in reply to Jaynair

Hi! Yes thank you. It is very frustrating.

And yes we are going to another doctor to have a second opinion.. right now surgeons want to go in and take a look from with in.

Hi Marily,

I can really understand this must be a very distressing time for you and your father.Your post indicates that a tumour was found close to your father's airway and that together with the history of coughing up blood would lead to a suspicion of a cancer diagnosis.He seems to have been very thoroughly investigated indeed.You might want to ask in view of all the negative investigations(except for the x ray findings and the coughing up blood)what is the management plan for him.

Kind regards,

All the team at Roy Castle Helpline.

Hi! Yes that's pretty much what we want to know what the next step is. Doctors are talking about surgeons going in and taking a look inside.. they're positive that's what it is because they said if it's not that, they don't know what it possibly can be.

Hi Marilyn,

The CT scan should give a clearer picture than the X-ray. Are they 100% sure that it's not tuberculosis or sarcoidosis? If they insist that it's lung cancer, then is it EGFR+?

All the best


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Pereira54 in reply to Batgirlx

Hi!! Thank you for your response. Yes tuberculosis was tested negative I don't know about sarcoidosis. It is one big mass close to the airway. There's something my dad commented las night. He said that throughout his life sometimes he would feel a big pressure in his chest which he had to stop whatever he was doing and take a momment. He said he never paid attention to it because every time it happened it would last years before he felt it again.. is it possible he's had this in his lung for most of his life?

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Batgirlx in reply to Pereira54

Hi, I'm not a doctor, but if I were you, I would go for a second opinion. Doctors are humans and sometimes can make mistakes.

It is possible that the tumour was there all the time, but that doesn't matter. The important thing is to find out what that mass is, so that you can treat it accordingly.

Good luck.

My dad has had 2 biopsies they cant find any cancer but they still think it could be its very frustrating more tests and scans for him next week i dont know what to suggest cos im going through the same hope all is ok with your dad get second opinion im going to been going on too long x

I had shadow on lung that docs believed was early cancer all my tests ct scans pet scan brochoscopy showed no sin of cancer, but they decided it best to take half my lung away which they did 7 weeks ago. Ive had my results to the lung that was sent to lab and its not cancer but inflammation from an infection.!!!!!

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