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Anyone else in my position?

Both my mum and I were diagnosed with lung cancer on the same day in the same clinic by the same consultant! September 11th 2012. Both of us are receiving palliative care as there is no cure although I am undergoing chemo which will hopefully slow things down. We are both reconciled to the fact that you never know what life will throw at you the important thing is remaim positive and HOPE! I am finding this site a great source of strength and take courage from reading other people's stories

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Hi robkc, sorry to hear that both of you have been diagnosed with lung cancer. It comes as a real blow doesn`t it. I am glad you have a positive outlook as I think this must help . I havent had my results yet , but like you I am going to remain positive . This site is very inspirational . Take care and love to you and your mum. :)


Hi robkc,

so sorry to hear this. Please stay hope full and positive. I was diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC 20 months ago now aged 49 and am doing well.

Things have changed in the last couple of years with lung cancer treatment. However the stats that you read are about 5 years out of date so we won't see how far things have come 'on paper' so to speak until at least 2015! Even now there are new treatments becoming available for those of us who were not caught in time to be deemed curable that will not cure us but will hopefully give us many years of life. Make the most of everyday you have and have no regrets.

Take care

Lyn x


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