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Hello everyone

I wanted to ask how everyone is and wondered if anyone had an interesting news or updates to share?

It is very busy in both the charities Liverpool and Glasgow offices and everyone is really looking forward to the imminent launch of our new website so watch this space. I am happy to tell you that this week I will be attending the first health event to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of lung cancer. This is an area that we feel is of paramount importance as we know that early diagnosis could help with a better outcome for those affected by the disease. I will update you with news of this new initiative as new plans are developed over the coming weeks and months. Any thoughts you may have about raising awareness of lung cancer would be very welcome or if you or someone you know might want to get involved then please feel free to get in touch and have a chat; it will be great to hear from you. Anyway, until next time, take care everyone, my best wishes to you all.


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Hi Joanna (and all)

On 30 August, I had the privilege of meeting up with the RCLCF Support Group at the Old Victoria Infirmary in Glasgow. My visit was on behalf of the Cancer Care Research Centre at Stirling Uni., where we are still hunting for the reasons why LC patient are reluctant to take part in such support groups. This group comprised 25 people plus the facilitarors, Jackie and Gillian We had an excellent discussion and this crowd are a perfect example of what 'belonging' can do for you. I'm sure they feel that it's worth a good doze of medicine. I would encourange patients/carers and family members, to cosider being involved. Even just to check it out. Talk it over with someone. I am sure the majority would benefit and return.. No-one will be put under pressure to joinor to comeback.

Best wishes to all, Bill culbard


Hi Bill

I am pleased that you were able to meet the group, they are lovely people aren't they. Alan and I have visited them and enjoyed every minute. I agree with all you have said and a sense of support and belonging at a time when you are having to deal with so much is a wonderful resource. I hope your news will encourage and inspire others to get involved and become a part of something so positive. The best of luck with the research, it will be great to hear about the progress and the overall findings when it is completed - please keep us posted. Thank you for sharing this with us Bill. Take care.



Hi Joanna, I would gladly get involved in raising awareness if you are doing anything in the manchester area. I am back at work now but have a few evenings and most weekends free. If theres anything I can do let me know.


P.S. I did phone the support group that you gave me details of but when there was no answer chickened out of phoning again.


I was pleased to hear you rang the group number but sorry you were unable to speak to someone but please try again, don't give up and if I can help in any way just drop me a line. Thank you so much for your offer of help to raise awareness in your area. We need lots of volunteers to help us with this vital work and I will be in touch with you soon to discuss a few ideas.

Hope to speak to you soon and please try that phone call again, take care, Joanna.


p.s....I meant to say, please take some inspiration from Bill's blog. The groups can offer many things that are so beneficial particularly at a difficult time. Bye for now, Joanna.


hello all, Joanna, Apologies for not replying to your last comment sooner but I'm having lots of problems with my internet and I can only sign into this page if I use google chrome. Bills blog along with your comments last time joanna prompted me to make the phone call. I think perhaps because the surgery managed to remove all of the tumour and I consider myself to be in the clear, I am unsure where I belong if that makes sense. Anyway I've got a big pan of stew and dumplings calling me : ) Take care x



Great news on both counts, I hope you enjoy meeting the group very soon. The surgery sounds very positive indeed which is great news, wonderful to hear. Take each day as it it comes, you may need some time to make sense of what you have experienced. Remember to look after yourself and get any support or information you feel you need although you sound great. Hope you enjoyed the stew and dumplings! Bye for now x


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