In Remission!!!

I have finally completed the major part of my journey - scans biopsies chemo and radio for what was to be terminal lung cancer. My Oncologist felt she would give treatment a try on aggressive chemo etc and the odds landed in my favour, I was told that it was 19-23% chance of success. I was determined to be the 'one' out of five that wins through!! Yesterday I was told that I was officially in remission!! The tumour was 69mm x55mm with a spread of a node in the same lung. Everyone is an individual and there are many types of lung cancer in varying degrees of progression. So what I am trying to say is that even if you are given only a small chance - providing you are fit enough for the treatment - then GO FOR IT!!. When I was told in July that I had lung cancer I didn't expect to be here for Chrismas. Wow!! next plans are for a holiday.

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  • Congratulations Vera, really good to hear your news. You deserve your holiday. Hope you have a great time.

    Best wishes Rab.

  • wow thats awesome hun..... xoxo ConGrats xoxoxo

  • Wow that is incredible! My mum also didn't expect to be here for Christmas but she is still going strong dancing round the table, cleaning windows and shopping.! ( lots of shopping ) hope and positive attitudes in my opinion really help in how people respond to treatment. My mum has her last scan results this week and we do hope that she is still responding to the chemo.

    I wish you well and have a great holiday xx

  • Well done Vera, I knew you were a fighter. Go get the holiday booked. :)

  • Hi good for you to be so positive, that's what is needed as a good well factor in side is what helps us to go on and fight, keep up the spirit, I was diagnose with stage 4 small lung cancer 12 months ago, and with targeted therapy, and my tumour has shrunk by half, and I am still her to tell my story of my journey. Good luck

  • Kool. I am really glad for you. Keep up the good fight. I am on Tarceva and my tumour has shrunk by about a third but unfortunately I have numerous bone Mets in my hips and rib cage so I fear the worse but am still looking on the bright side. There is always that small chance.

  • sad to hear this Robbie but your positivity will make you stronger - hoping you have good quality time xx

  • That is amazing news xxx my mums tumor now looks like scar tissue she has been on Tarceva since June and has been fighting this cancer for over a year and now doing fab I don't read stats too depressing x

  • How wonderful - I am so happy for you - live every day to the full and sounds like there are going to be many of those now. Just goes to show that if you take the chance you can win through. I have never had cancer luckily but nursed a partner with terminal lung cancer hence my interest to this site which supported me when I needed it, but suffice to say if I was diagnosed I would take every chance given to me - you are living proof that it can turn the tables of fate.

    Tania xx

  • I am so pleased for you you and your family must be delighted unfortunately my partner passed away on 17th dec after being diagnosed with lung cancer in April but unfortunately it had spread to his brain before this he was very for and well never had a day off work ill so one never knows enjoy your life you must be so pleased to be told you are in remission it is the news everyone with cancer hopes for as we did xxxxxxx

  • Vera

    Thanks for sharing your good news. I know it has been a hard year dealing with the news and your treatment. Well done on getting through and enjoy that holiday,

    best wishes


    on behalf of the Information & Support team

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