Just saw this blog and though it would be a good place to say whats in my head and heart in a place where people truly understand what I am going through (I should apologise now for my random thoughts and bad grammar; er I have no excuse!!)

My Dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer last October and had a pretty large tumour (about the size of an orange) on his left lung. Surgery wasn't an option due to its positioning so he was started on chemo and then had radiotherapy. He was doing really well and they said the cancer had gone. He had a scan yesterday (3 months after the last results) and the results today showed that the cancer is back and has gone to a lymph node. I have no idea where the node is or how many have been effected but he is going to have more chemo and erlotinib so hopefully that will have some positive effects. We were hoping that he would have some sort of remission, but were told that his type of cancer was the most aggressive form. Who knows what will happen, we shall just take each day at a time.....


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  • I am sorry to hear your story but thank you for sharing your thoughts. Perhaps you could speak to your Dad's lung cancer nurse specialist or his consultant about your concerns regarding his diagnosis. Everyday will be different for all of you and you are right to take each day as it comes. Take care.

  • Thanks for your kind words Joanna. I spoke to my Dad's nurse when he was first diagnosed, just asking general questions and that, but now I need to know specifics I'm not sure she will be able to divulge anything. But, if you dont ask you dont get, so I will email her next week when my head is a bit clearer and see what she can share. Thanks for the good idea :)

  • Don't want to give false hope but I was diagnosed with terminal 2/3 months small cell lung cancer in 1993 (Chemo and Radiotherapy) and then non small cell in 2007 and received surgery (Lower Lobectomy).

    In 1993 I was happily married with 2 children and did what I felt had to do, I fought like hell to beat it and took the strongest treatment available at that time. I took strength and a strange inner satisfaction from the fact that I was giving this beast the best fighting effort I could muster.

    In 2007 I applied the same principles, strong positivity and a commitment to again fight like hell. In my case I have been blessed twice and I am fully aware that I am an exception, but my case proves that on occasion, there is the odd exception. I am sure that your Dad is giving it his best shot and I send him my best wishes, Now and then the world can throw up unusual, unexpected results, so while there is life I have always believed there is still a crumb of hope, good luck.

  • Robert, you are an inspiration to us all, thank you very much for sharing your story. Joanna

  • I hope you can take comfort and encouragement from Robert's very inspirational and generous story; it is one of hope so if the going gets tough think of Robert, I am sure it will help. Thank you so much Robert, you are a star and I hope you are keeping well. My best wishes to you all including Pops.


  • Many thanks for your comments Joanna. If my story gets a positive response and helps others then please do feel free to use it where and as you will.

  • You are generous as always, thanks once again Robert.

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