Large lump in neck

Hi, my dad has been in remission for 2 years from lung cancer, had chemo then surgery. Last CT in late June was all good so scans moved to every 4 months instead of 3!

Last week my dad had a vocal strengthening injection (which he has yearly) so Friday his neck felt tender, he felt the tender area and discovered a lump! This lump is no where near the vocal injection site so can't be that.

We have had a very long weekend of worrying and see the oncologist today.

I feel sick 😔


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10 Replies

  • Good luck ! X

  • Wishing your dad good luck. :) xx

  • It was not good news yesterday, they strongly suspect the cancer is back and felt more than the one lump. Full CT scan today. Dr said my dad maybe has 6/7 months. Saddest day of my life x

  • Really sorry to hear that. In this situation you may want to see if RFA would be an option. They do it at Harefield Hospital.

  • From what the oncologist said, only maintenance chemo will be offered. X

  • Dear Millisa

    So sorry to hear about your Dad and from your recent posts about what the Oncologist has said. This must be a shock for you all and for it to happen so quickly. Wishing your Dad well in his chemotherapy course and hope you have plenty support around you all.

    If you wish to discuss anything further our nurse led helpline number is 0800 358 7200.

    Kind regards

    The Roy Castle Support Team

  • Sorry to read about your dad's situation especially as he'd beaten it before. All I can say is good luck with the scan today that should reveal more about the best treatment. Trials are constantly underway looking for new treatments and improving understanding of lung cancer so many people given similar 'timescales' by their oncologists have outlived such predictions so here's hoping your dad can become one of those.

  • My dads CT came back and picked up nothing other than the lymphnode in his neck. Good news right????

    Now we await a PET scan this Friday xx

  • Hi just wanted to say I’ve had large lump in my neck for last 6 months so like you was worried it was the dreaded return of cancer. In the end I had ultrasound guided core biopsy - where they take a sample of lymph tissue - painful but gives very accurate results & peace of mind (thankfully it was just a reactive lymph) . It might be worth asking if that’s what they plan to do for your dad as I know from experience PET scans aren’t necessarily that accurate - mine didn’t really glow in 2 scans! Good luck & keeping asking questions ! X

  • Thankyou for your reply!

    We actually had a call today to say a biopsy has been requested so that's being done next week.

    The lump has measured at 15mm and is in the lower part of the neck. It's quite painful too!


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