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Does anyone have experience of home care packages?

My mum was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago and last week we found out that it has spread to her brain and were told that she only has months, possibly weeks left. She's been in a hospice for the past week to stabilise her and get her medication right. The doctors have said that she can now either come home or go to a specialist palliative care unit. My dad and I would love her to come home, but I'm really worried that we wouldn't be able to cope (my dad's nearly 80 and isn't in the best of health). The doctors said that a care package would be put in place, and I'm just wondering if anyone has experience of this and how did it work?

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Hi there,

so sorry to hear this news. I have no experinace personnaly but I was a nurse. You ust have a Macmillan nurse? They will normally point you in the right direction, you need to find a social worker (local council should be able to give you a name) they should be able to set up a care package of nursing support, homw help etc) Sorry can't be of any more help but I will try and find out for you.

Take care

Lyn x


Hi Ellen67,

I am so sorry to hear of your Mums illness and prognosis.Through different circumstances,my wife and I received her mother to live with us as her ability to look after herself was slowly diminishing.Our local authority provided us with a care person who visited our home five times a day,seven days a week,which made such a difference in supporting my wife with her Mums personal care.Her Mum spent five happy years with us,before spending her last few weeks in hospital due to contracting phnemonia.

I am sure you can with similar support, manage with your Mum at home,you will always have a fall back position if things ultimately become too difficult for you to manage.Best wishes,may you enjoy many more happy days sharing in your Mums company.


Hi - my late partner Colin was diagnosed with SCLC in 2007 and was adamant that he would not go into a hospice!! He wanted to be at home - although he was totally in denial and we couldn't really discuss his cancer but we had a care package.

Basically social services came around and assessed him and we had equipment ( bed, handrails etc) to help him get around, a daily visit from the district nurse, and a carer who came in 3 times a day ( although Colin didn't even want that) but it meant I could go to the shops and eventually back to work until he had to go into the hospice as he became gravely ill on Xmas eve - but..........Social Services deal with it - its a lot of phone calls and that, but you are never alone when you need someone.............if your mum wants to be at home then you will be helped.

Tania x


Thank you all for your replies, but it appears that mum may not be able to come home as she is too ill at the moment, and is deteriorating quicker than we expected. The hospice staff have been wonderful and we know that she is being really well looked after, but it would be her wish to be at home if possible. Thanks again for your responses xx


Hi Ellen - so sorry to hear this - thinking of you and your family x


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