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Holidays insurance

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Hi Has anyone on this forum know of any holiday insurance companies that will insure me with my condition lung cancer malignant. Thank you.

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I have lung cancer with bone mets and have had holiday insurance from MIA Travel Insurance. I have only been able to obtain insurance for trips to Europe and only to those countries where there is good medical provision, but MIA specializes in providing affordable travel insurance for people with pre-existing illnesses. They even supply contact details for the nearest hospital. They require details of your illness, previous and current treatment and you need to have a letter on record from your GP or specialist confirming your fitness to travel. The email address is:

My most recent holiday was last November, so even with the additional risks relating to covid, they are still insuring people with serious illness to travel. Hope you get sorted and have a lovely holiday.

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Sixtygirl in reply to Manninmaid

Thank you so much I appreciate you taking the time to reply I shall look into this company best wishes xx

Hi.I'm an insurance broker and i have NSCLC even I have struggled to find insurers covering cancer related illness since brexit. I have recently been to Zante and have a trip planned for the Maldives in May. For the European holiday I used Saga and for the Maldives Avanti Travel

Both of which covered my conditions. Failing that BIBA have a medical travel directory listing numerous others. I'm sure you will find cover but it's a what cost. Hope you have a good holiday.

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Sixtygirl in reply to Straylian

Hi straylian it is so hard to find someone that will cover me with my multiple conditions I just want a memorable holiday. Thank you for your time much appreciated x

I only started travelling again in 2016 5 years after my lung cancer diagnosis as the premiums were so expensive but since then have travelled extensively for leisure and work long and short haul. Different insurance companies are more competitive for some markets than others - I use the 'payingtoomuch' price comparison website and have used a range of companies. I regularly receive offers from Allclear, Saga, Medical Travel compared, Staysure travel insurance. In 2019 for the first time I was able to take out an annual policy with Saga who changed their cancer question from 'have you ever been diagnosed with cancer?' to 'in the last 5 years have you been diagnosed with cancer?' but then the pandemic struck so last year took out a single policy again as travelling far less. The pandemic has impacted many insurance companies and many of the published lists of those able to offer policies in cancer booklets/online information isn't up to date. 'Malignant' can cover many different stages of cancer and there are different questions to answer in their online quotes about its spread, treatment, whether 'terminal' or not, etc. Insurancewith specialise in travel for those with advanced cancer but know some have been unable to get cover. It's important to declare the situation as not doing so will nullify any policy in the event of needing to claim. Many people have other conditions including 'lung conditions' alongside their cancer including COPD, asthma or things like diabetes, blood pressure so again, important to declare all health issues. good luck.

Dear Sixtygirl

There have been excellent replies to your post of which is there not much to add, but this link will take you to our travel booklet with some useful information.

Although there is a list of travel insurance providers on pages 36-38, there may be changes due to brexit and the pandemic.

Hope you find one that covers you and you enjoy your break away.

If there is anything you would like to discuss you can either email us at or call our free phone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200 Monday to Thursday 0900-1700 and Friday 0900-1600

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Try Insurancewith I have not bad premiums. Designed for those with medical conditions.

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Sixtygirl in reply to ParchWoody

Thankyou for your reply I will de try this one some quotes I have had are dearer than my holiday.

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