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Travel insurance

Does anyone know of companies that do terminal illness

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Hello Miceal58

I have had good results in using InsureWith.com for Travel Insurance. Try insurewith.com

Their questionnaire is long, but comfortingly knowledgeable about cancer conditions.

Good luck!

And one other thought. Travel Insurance is not compulsory (unless you are cruising). You could always just go on your dream holiday and take the risk yourself if the premium is ridiculous.


Thank you so much was hope to take my wife to lanzarote


Hi, I know Roy Castle website has a booklet about going on holiday with lung cancer and I think that covers travel insurance. I have used MIA travel insurance and found them to be good. I think you will get asked lots of questions whoever you try. Good luck xx


Dear Miceal58

The link below directs you to information on travel insurance and lots of other useful advice for travelling, page 32 provides a list of travel insurance companies.


Hope you both have a great holiday.

Our free nurse led helpline number is 0800 358 7222

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team



Excellent company!


We used MIA when we travelled with my terminally ill mother they were very good and treat cases on an individual basis they were reasonably priced too


I use Money supermarket comparison site and find Getgoing Insurance always cheapest . Ive used Insurewith and Allclear they were expensive . Happy holidays .



I met the owner of InsureWith earlier this year at a cancer survivorship conference in Brussels. He said his company is the only insurer for people with terminal diagnosis and palliative needs. My diagnosis wasn't terminal and I've used 'paying too much' site to find cover and have had reasonable premiums (dependent on which countries I'm visiting and have been to Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam, Greece, Europe, Malaysia in the last couple of years from 'get going', 'saga', 'cloud cover'. Some companies have better prices for different countries than others so as always, it pays to shop around.


Insurancewith excellent

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Insurancewith is good


Hi I used World First travel insurance. Covered me with stage 3 lung cancer it was definitely the best value for money. Some were charging near £700 for a 4 day holiday to France. I ended up paying about £40.


Thank you so much


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