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Had lobectomy 4weeks 4dys ago. In hospital 2weeks come home with drain in for air leak had drain out 2weeks ago . Went to get stitches out on 10th sept nurse took swab and i have an infection. Finishing antibiotics today but green mucus still coming out of scar when redressed. Going to surgery every few days. It still feels sore. My results came back No cancer the shadow near old tb scar was a granuloma... Im obviously very relieved. How long to scar healing. Also ny voice seems squeaky sinse operation, does any one know if this is normal

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Dear jckjanestrosalin

That is great news there is no cancer. The wound will heal fully once the leakage stops, as you know it is better for the leakage to come out rather than stay in your body. I have placed this link which is our lung surgery booklet and provides after care advice:


The nurses attending to your dressing every few days will be able to advise how it is healing and approximate time scales.

It is normal for the voice to sound hoarse or weaker due to the breathing tube placed during anesthesia for your surgery, if you feel this is persisting and not improving for you ask your GP to assess you.

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200.

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Sorry to hear healing is slow, My scar healed quickly following my pneumonectomy in July ( stage 3 tumour ) very lucky to be in the 12% who are offered surgery. Started chemotherapy last Tuesday and not feeling to great right now. May have to forego football this afternoon. Play Up Pompey! Oh my Voice has also been affected by my surgery, but much to my families regret I still have one. Lol .

I hope all heals soon for you!


Hope you get through your chemo ok and once thats done then speedy recovery. All the best Colinx

Wow - great news it wasn't cancer and can only imagine your relief. My voice changed after surgery - and has on other occasions when admitted in recent years with chest infections. I usually think it's also affected by nebulisers/inhalers in there. My surgery was in December 2010 and like you, results only given after surgery (in my case a month later) to find it was lung cancer. Bad luck with the infection - I opened my wound up overdoing the physio exercises and showering every day (nobody told me I shouldn't) so had to have it 'packed' and dressed and antibiotics which was just after I had the diagnosis. did you have open surgery or keyhole? my wound healed up quickly although took a while for the purple/red/pink colour to reduce but within a few months all good - just looked like a mark where underwear might have 'pressed in'. Also very considerate surgery as open surgery scar is hidden under bra/swimming costumes. Recommend the lung surgery booklet on the Roy castle website as it has some really helpful information. good luck with your recovery.

I had vats surgery keyhole. My scar is still leaking green. I have just finished antibiotics. It can be worrying about voice as sometimes mine sounds squeaky . I shouldnt complain about my scar and voice when my results came back no cancer but its more questions for others to see if they experienced these things. Janette i do hope you go on from strength to strength..xx

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