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Swelling after vats upper right Lobectomy

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Hi folks Alison again- just over a week ago I had the above procedure and came home last Friday. I followed all instructions given and even managed two short walks outside without breathlessness- however I now have swelling and heat below the breast , next to the incision site. It’s sure to touch and painful. Dr thinks it may be an infection so been given antibiotics. She also told me to watch out for any blistering in case it may be shingles. Given higher dose of painkillers. Anyone had this experience?

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hi you are doing well if you are walking no breathlesnes after such a short time used to panic me but improves every week im 11 weeks after surgery but was warned to watch for infection at op sites .seems shingles is common after my stepdaughter got it after treatment for breast cancer and not very pleasant by all accounts take care and good luck every week gets better though you dont think so at the time and can get despondent

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AlisonPK in reply to dogsbody321

Thanks- sitting here with ice on it- I’ll try anything just hoping it’s not shingles🥴

Dear Alison

Sorry to hear you are having pain and swelling, I take it the Doctor has looked at this area, and your antibiotics should be starting to take effect usually within 48 hours. If this continues or gets worse do see your GP or call the lung cancer nurse specialist.

Ice packs or cool gel packs may provide some relief along with regular analgesia that the Doctor has advised.

Important things to look out for would be, if you feel you have a temperature, cold and shivery, the redness in the area has spread or the swelling has got worse, or any leakage from the wound, or any other new symptoms, contact your GP, or you may wish to attend your local accident and emergency to have this assessed.

Once the antibiotics take effect, you should see the swelling and redness go down along with less pain.

Shingles tends to have a rash with a nerve like pain in the area as in tenderness and tingling and blistering of the area. Hopefully it is an infection that the antibiotics will take care of.

If you wish to discuss anything you can call our Freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Thanks so much. No blisters yet(thankfully). Still hot to touch and a bit swollen on operation side. I started antibiotics right away. Dr did say any changes to come right back. Got more pain relief so slept a bit better last night. Baby steps.

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RoyCastleHelplinePartner in reply to AlisonPK

That is encouraging that there are no blisters and hopefully there wont be any. Take good care of yourself.

The Roy Castle Support Team

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Elt79 in reply to AlisonPK

Glad to hear you got some sleep! As you say baby steps, hopefully will keep improving now on antibiotics. Stay strong 💟

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AlisonPK in reply to Elt79

Spoke too soon- lasted 4 hrs last night then woke with shoulder pain that doesn’t want to go away. Feel like I’m on a rollercoaster ride. Please tell me this gets better soon- feel like I’m doped and still not getting relief! Swelling still there under breast but no blisters.

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Elt79 in reply to AlisonPK

Ah sorry it's still so painful I had double lobectomy and chest wall reconstruction years ago now - no infection but pain took a fair while to settle. Take care x

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