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Post lobectomy hernia

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I had the upper right lobectomy four weeks ago and am very grateful that there was no spread and am now at this time clear, unfortunately I have now got a hernia from the main incision site.

I am told it will resolve itself, when I am out and about if I sneeze of cough I have to grab my side, it looks like I am having a heart attack and is quite painful.

If anyone else has had this and can let me know how it worked out it would be a great help.


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Dear Sifromdeal

Sorry to hear you have developed a hernia post surgery which can be quite painful. It may help before coughing (if you can anticipate the cough or sneeze) to support the area with either your hands or a cushion/pillow if you are at home which may ease the pain from the pressure.

It is unusual but not unknown for this to occur and as the doctor has said should resolve on its own.

An incisional hernia is a bulge or swelling protruding through the muscles or tissues at the incision site of the surgery.

It may also help to reduce pressure e.g ensuring you do not get constipated.

This link will take you to after care of your lobectomy:

If you wish to discuss anything you can either email us at or call our freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Thanks for that

Hi sifromdeal,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with hernia. I had lobectomy in March and had similar problems in early stages. Broken ribs and felt like something was out of place, like you was scared to cough or sneeze, but have to say it just took time. So much better now, but did feel a bit anxious back then. Wrapped towel round tightly if I could get one quick enough. lol. Hope this will help knowing that it will settle. Having patience is not easy when you are in so much discomfort, but felt with each week things got better.

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sifromdeal in reply to Poodlie

Thanks for that Poodlie, I am getting used to having it so it`s not so bad now. My doctor has arranged an xray and a face to face appointment in October but says the remedy is unpleasant. Something to look forward to.

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Poodlie in reply to sifromdeal

Hi sifromdeal, Its definitely not easy, think we need answers to all problems. I felt a bit scared too, but had ct scan which confirmed nothing time wouldn't sort out. Once you have had your Xray and appointment you will feel better. My appointment is october too and still have questions. Keep being told just takes time. Hope you won't need remedy. Like mine may sort itself out. Try not too cough without your towel. lol. Sorry not funny. Lets both hope by October we will be good. Please let me know how you are getting on. Nice to have someone in same position.

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sifromdeal in reply to Poodlie

I will, good luck with yours!

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