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Small Cell Lung Cancer

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My mom was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in January this year. T4 N2 M0 - stage 3b. She was given 6 doses of Carboplatin on a 3 weekly cycle. Yesterday we had an appointment with her Oncologist following her latest CT scan. My mom is 79 very soon and although we have been told that the tumour has responded well to the treatment and has shrunk significantly, it is about 1/2 the size that it was originally, I was rather disappointed to hear the Oncologist saying that she might not tolerate Radiotherapy, or that they might decide not give it to her. My mom coped extremely well with the chemo but just over a month ago her youngest brother unexpectedly passed away, this has completely knocked the stuffing out of her as he did a lot for her whilst I was at work such as taking her shopping etc. She feels extremely tired, even more so than when she was on the chemo and I am really worried.

I appreciate that they have to advise you about all of the side effects but I kind of got the impression that the Oncologist was trying to put her off trying that route, a suggestion we have chosen to ignore and we are going to explore radiotherapy. When I asked about the possibility of further chemo should the tumour start to grown again, the Oncologist intimated that she might not give it to her and that it might not be the best route for her to go down! I don't understand this decision, if my mom had not responded to the treatment, then I could understand but being as thought the tumour has shrunk to half its original size and my mom coped with the treatment then why would further treatment be denied should she need it!

Has anyone else experienced anything like this and what did you do about it.


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So sorry to hear that and hope your mum can get the right treatment for her.

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Dear karrenmarriot1999,

I think it might be worth contacting your lung cancer nurse specialist and asking for a meeting with her(with your mums permission).You should make a list of both your and your mums concerns which you have mentioned in your post. She will have access to your mums medical records and is a member of the multidisciplinary team who is managing her care.She will be able to provide an explanation and answer any specific questions regarding her progress and the planned treatment and reasons for the decisions which have been made.

Kind regards,

All the team at Roy Castle Helpline

Thank you for the advice and I will contact her lung cancer nurse. Thank you again for answering my post.



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