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Small cell lung cancer

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Hi my mum has been diagnosed with extensive SCLC with mets to bones (legs, spine and ribs) and other locations. She's not seen oncologist yet will be this week we've been told treatment is chemo. Has anyone experience of how long the chemo gives -I appreciate everybody different but looking for realistic timescale. I don't think she is fit for chemo but need to weigh up benefits.

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HI Sammystar

So sorry to hear about your Mum and the difficult journey you are all on.

It is good you are seeing the Oncologist this week and hopefully be able to answer some of your questions. If your Mum does not have a lung cancer specialist nurse, request one when you are there. They offer great information and support.

Sometimes at these appointments it is difficult to take in any information, take someone with you who can capture everything that is being said. Write down all your questions and the priorities your Mum and you have.

As you know it is difficult for anyone to say on timelines, and so much depends on your Mums current health as you have already mentioned, types of cancer and treatment options.

The Oncologist team are so caring and will discuss what is involved in the Chemotherapy.

We have some information booklets on Chemotherapy and Lung Cancer which you can request online at or copy the link below into the address bar.

You will find that there is great support and encouraging personal stories on this forum.

Our Free Nurse- led Helpline number is 0800 358 7200 if you wish to discuss anything.

We wish you all the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Hi, my husband was diagnosed with SCLC in June 2016 and has been undergoing chemotherapy (he has just had cycle 4), although this treatment is gruelling for my husband he has managed to stay stable through it. My husband's Oncologist gave us some rough timescales but I dont think about them and take everyday as it comes, and try to stay positive and continue to do our normal daily tasks. I have managed to organise special events for us both to do on week three after his treatment, this just helps him keep positive and he has something to focus on. When you visit the Oncologist have a list of questions that you need answering, your mind goes blank otherwise. Take care of each other x

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Sammystar in reply to Elaine141

Hi I'm glad to hear your husband seems to be doing well was he diagnosed with limited or extensive??? How does he receive the chemo??? My mum is on her own worried how she would cope with side effects x

Hi my husband was given 3/6 months without chemotherapy or a possible 12 months with chemotherapy, we have opted to give the treatment a go and see how things go. I said to my husband if you cant manage the treatment we will stop it straight away. After the first round of treatment he didnt really have too many side effects, but a total different reaction to the cycle no. 2, he was very sick and weak but with some determination I managed to get the nurses to change his sickness tablets and I have given him them 3 times a day ever since, even if he is feeling ok. Touch wood we have had no bad side effects since, apart from the tiredness and lack of appetite for the first week or so after treatment, we have been using food supplements - Ensure and Complan whilst his appetite is poor. From cycle 2 of his treatment to cycle 3 my husband managed to maintain his weight which is excellent. I give him what he wants, when he wants - turkish delight is one of his favourites and hot milky chocolate. My husband also uses Corsodol mouth wash (sensitive), this helps his mouth stay clean and ulcer free, he also drinks gallons of water, he also loves lolly ices, he says they cool his mouth down. I have even taken away his metal knife and fork and replaced it with plastic ones as this has helped with the metallic taste that he experiences for the first week. When I cook I also use ginger and herbs in most things - a handy hint I got off the internet, all these things have helped I am sure to keep him as strong as possible, but please remember each person is different when they have this treatment and its down to trial and error and lots of patience. His chemotherapy is administration by infusion and then for a further two days he has to take chemotherapy tablets twice a day with his steriods. I am sure if your mum is alone at home, the care team can come in and help her with her needs. Try contacting MacMillan or Marie Curie for details of how they can help you - remember you are not alone there are people out there to help you and your mum, to give you all the advise and help you require to keep your mum comfortable. It is a very difficult and worrying time for your Mum and family, but please stay positive as can be, this will help your mum with her feelings. I have a cry when I am on my own because I have to admit I dont know what is round the corner and get frightened. As a reward after each cycle I arrange for both of us to do something special so we can build our memories, we have been to Blackpool to see this years illuminations, next week we are off to Windsor for the weekend so we can fulfill one of his "Bucket Wishes" by going to see the Tower of London and just before cycle 6 we are renewing our wedding vows, something my husband is wanting to do. Please if you need anyone to chat to please get in touch on here, I am happy to chat with you and help you in anyway I can - remember you are not alone. I wish your Mum every bit of good luck when she starts her treatment and I hope she is able to tolerate this treatment as best way she can. Take care x

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Sammystar in reply to Elaine141

Thank you can I ask what chemo your husband has. Due to mums performance score she's only been offered single drug chemo had first dose last week she's had no side effects they did say it was unlikely she would get some with the dose. Thanks again for your reply

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