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Are you interested in participating in a research project for a fee?

The charity has been approached by a market research company working for a pharma. They want to speak to 5 people with non-small cell lung cancer in the UK, asking about how it has affected their lives.

What would you have to do?

1. Take part in a 3-4 hour interview/ discussion at your home. If you usually have someone with you, then that is fine and it can be done at your pace.

2. Complete a diary for 2 weeks, which would take 5 - 10 minutes per day.

3. 30 minute phone interview/ chat, to see how you are getting on /have any questions about the diary) each week

•4 A 60min in home interview to catch up and discuss the diary findings.

You would be paid £390 as an honorarium and the agency would make a donation of £300 to the charity for assisting.

Please private message me or email me at roy castle.


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Possibly interested



Morning yes i am interested in taking part .



Yes I'm interested



yes my husband [the one with NSCLC] is interested in participating


Hello Lorraine,

I would be prepared to take part in this.



i would very much interested in this!


My mum would be interested diagnosed 22nd march still no prognosis or full diagnosis.


In HOPE !! Hi I have only just seen this post - SO am probably too late to participate?? I was given 3-4 months to live in December 2013 BUT thanks to Genetic Targetted Drugs am still here 3 and a half years later. I have spent 3 years on Iressa/Gefitinib and the past 5 months on Tagrisso after finding mutation T790M following progression of the disease. Am treated at St Lukes Cancer Centre in Guildford. I am (just) 70 years young and a real fighter - think it really does help. Would be VERY interested to participate PLEASE. Thank you Diz (Glynis Wheeler-Hayden) 01428 481261 or


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