Can you take part in a teleconference on Friday on late diagnosis?

This is a project being co-sponsored by British Lung Foundation. We are looking for patients who have experience or are interested in sharing views on late diagnosis. Part of the focus is on those who were diagnosed via Accident and Emergency.

The conference last no more than 2 hours on a freephone call which will start at 1.00pm this Friday. If you would be interested in taking part send me a private message and I can send you details,

best wishes


Information & Support team

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  • I had thought i just put on weight... thats why I couldnt breath....if this helps? Lung was collapsed then was taken to hospital

    Im in Australia... If you still need ill do it :)

  • Thanks Wendy,

    We have a few participants so don't need to dial you in from Oz. Really appreciate your feedback and we will include that in our response to the agency. Do you have similar problems with high rates of people (38% in England) who are diagnosed via emergency admission?

    best wishes


  • yes (as I run a Lung Cancer FB Page) there have been a few ppl that didnt know they had.... and most it is too late:(

  • I would love to take part, but I am on holiday in Mexico. My mums lung cancer was missed at A an E , she was eventually diagnosed in march 2014 and passed away June 2014. My mums lung cancer was missed by A an E and gp surgery

  • Sept

    Sorry to hear about your mum's experience. Although you were unable to take part in the teleconference we would appreciate it if you are willing to share your experience. You can private message me. We have a number of ways we work with carers and patients to help improve information and support.

    Meanwhile enjoy Mexico,

    best wishes


    Information & Support

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