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Would you be willing to feature in a media campaign on diagnosis of lung cancer?


This summer a new campaign will run in England looking at how persistent cough can be a symptom of lung cancer, COPD or heart disease. The team working on the campaign are looking for people who are willing to lend their support to the campaign. You would be:

. Aged over 50 when diagnosed 

•Had a cough that latest for three weeks or more so went to visit their GP

•Diagnosed at an early stage, ideally

•Went to visit GP

•Had /having your treatment within the NHS

•Good experience with NHS

•Happy to have your story published, featuring in some news coverage on radio, TV or newspapers. Various options for media, depending on whether you want to speak to the media.

•Have completed your treatment (fine if still going back for check-ups)

If you might be interested in taking part please contact us on or phone 0333 323 7200 option 2.

best wishes


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I would, but mine was not a cough but unrelated pain that led to a panic attack and chest Xray, and investigations and I cannot fault the NHS to date. Every member of medical team I saw asked how on earth mine was found.

Regards Tina


I would be interested too but I was 49 when diagnosed. Initially with my GP I had a very good experience of the NHS with my GP, then poor experience of the NHS on referral to the hospital but since diagnosis my care has been excellent. I think the media won't be giving a true to picture if they only the interview people who fit the above criteria. It will be very skewed. I hope that the people who I tell my story to will benefit from hearing about the mistakes that were made and I truly hope that from this the lessons will be learnt and the same mistakes will not be made in the future. I use any opportunity that I have to explain to NHS staff about my experience, hoping that they can learn from it for themselves, their patients and their own families. My consultant regularly asks me to tell my story to one or two medical students or doctors for them to learn from it.


Hi, Oh we so need publicity and to stop hiding cancer in the cupboard and to talk openly about it!!! Think information is power and if we all weren't so scared to talk about cancer openly so much of the fear could be lost. I was given 3-4 months initially, then found to be egfr positive and have been on Gefitinib for just about two years. Now the cancer has mutated, as it does after a while, and I'm being referred to the Marsden but am really happy to discuss/talk openly to anyone who'll listen as to the progress that has been made in the Lung Cancer treatments. I look hale and hearty and am used to speaking publicly, having been a sales manager most of my life. SO I'm at your disposal. Think also the pre-conceived idea that lung cancer is always caused by smoking needs to be addressed. OOOH! you've got me on my soap box now. Regards Glynis


Hi Lorraine,I tick all your boxes annd would be happy to support you in this.


Hello, I would be happy to support their campaign.  So the next step would be to contact or phone 0333 323 7200 option 2 which I will do.  Thank you


Hello all

thanks for your feedback, really interesting and useful. I have had fed this back to the agency. Please do email me at and we can sort out more information for those of your interested,

look forward to hearing from you,



@Roy Castle


i also at 49 had very bad cough for months was wrongly diagnosed with whooping cough so you can imagine how I felt , im just after left upper lung surgery and awaiting to see about chemo on 23rd may ,also just about to turn 50 on 30th may


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