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Do you have views on surgery?

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We are trying to contact people who have had experience of lung cancer surgery. This is to ask what you would have wanted to know in advance of your treatment as part of a project being run by the Royal College of Surgeons.

If you are willing we can email you the short survey. This can be completed and emailed back to, or a postal copy can be sent. You would need to provide an email or postal address.

You can send me a message or call on 0333 323 7200 option 2.

The charity are trying to ensure people who are affected by lung cancer are consulted on the plans. So your views do matter and will help shape plans for information produced both by the charity and the Royal College in the future.

The charity supports the forum and respects the confidentiality of what is shared. We do not automatically have any background on your current interest in surveys or any of your contact information.

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team @Roy Castle

15 Replies

I will happily complete a survey on lung surgery .

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Hi Lorraine,I am happy to complete your survey on lung cancer too.

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Hi Lorraine

I am happy to do the survey. I live in France hope that is ok. I have had 2 operations.

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LorraineDPartner in reply to Anniecat

Hi Annie

your feedback would be useful, to give an international comparison - assuming you had your treatment in France.

If you email me on I will send it to you,

thank you for helping,


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hello Lorraine,

I would be happy to complete the survey.


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I will complete the survey too !


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Hi Lorraine I will complete the survey

I am happy to complete a questionnaire regarding pre op lung surgery.


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Lorraine, I will complete the survey

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count me in

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Lorraine i would be happy to complete survey .


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hi,yes you can email me the survey

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Not sure if I'm too late to offer to complete the survey, but I'd willingly complete it!

I also had bowel cancer and 50% of my bowel removed 3 weeks before my pneumonectomy.

This 3 and a half years ago now.

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Hi Lorraine - I would be happy to take part in the survey if you are still running it. Thanks Janey

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Hi Jane

will email you a copy in the next couple of days, welcome your feedback.

best wishes


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