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£170 for taking part in Phone Research

£170 for taking part in Phone Research

Dear all

I've popped in to your forum from the Ovarian Cancer Forum just to mention an opportunity to help with research with an international research company, M3 Global Research which gives participants a £170 cheque as a thank you.

I've taken part in two research projects with this company. Both have taken up an hour of my time and I've received payment very promptly. On the first occasion a researcher visited my home and asked some questions, and on the second I went to the company London HQ as part of a group of women with ovarian cancer. Both experiences were extremely positive and it felt good to have helped with their research. On this occasion they're looking for nine patients with Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) who have had Avastin as part of their treatment and the research is conducted by phone interview.

If you fit this group and you want to take part please get in touch with Sue Morrison, who is the Research Officer at M3 Global Reserch: 07932 997432, or email:

If you'd like to ask me more questions do please send a PM, or post below. I'd be happy to explain more.

best wishes


Annie Mulholland

(Ovacome Community)

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Is it only for people who have had ovarian cancer then


Dear Dewbery, thanks for pointing out what could have been confusing. I'm not used to the terminology for lung cancer. The research is looking for patients with Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) who have had Avastin. I've amended my original post to make this clearer.

A number of us contributed on behalf of the community of women with ovarian cancer and they are now looking at other types of cancer which is why I thought I'd share with you here.

Best wishes. Annie


I did have non small cell cancer lung cancer in 2010


Were you treated with Avastin? They're looking for patients such as you with NSCLC who were treated with Avastin, or are currently on treatment for Avastin. If you were it's worth contacting them. They're really lovely people and the £170 is worth having. xx


No I was not treat whith avastin they cut my lung out


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