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New here

Hi I'm new to this community and have already found reading the posts helpful. I was diagnosed Nov 2015 with stage 4 NSCLC with mets to lymph nodes and pleura. I had radiation last Dec, did a targeted therapy for 4 months and am currently getting carbo/gem for 4 rounds. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with pemetrexed maintenance therapy? How are the side effects?

Thank you for any info JK

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Welcome to our forum.

There is good information on Pemetrexed and the side effects, if you are able to copy and paste this link from the MacMillan Cancer Support website:

Cancer Research UK has some information on their current trials with Pemetrexed you may find useful.

Our website is and there is a free nurse led helpline if you wish to discuss anything on

0800 358 7200.

We wish you all the best

The Roy Castle Support Team

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