Getting to the end of the road

Hi everyone since my last post things have gone downhill rapidly.didn't manage to get to see oncologist as Bill too ill.GP came with results of scan cancer spread to liver spine kidneys they can't do anymore.Now have macmillan team in at home as want to care for him as long as poss.He not awake a lot of the time but seems pain Free.I would like to thank ever one for there support and wish everyone all the best in there fight with this cruel disease.xx

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  • So very sorry to read your post, my heart goes out to you both, there is nothing I can say to help or makes things any better. My darling Rab died towards the end of February, it certainly is a cruel disease. Thinking of you, Diana

  • Hello Newby234

    so sorry to hear of the deterioration in Bills health, it is good to hear that you have the back up and support of Macmillian team and Bill is at home pain free. Out thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

    Kind regards

    from Roy Castle Helpline

  • Love to you Diana, Praying for Bill . Such a cruel disease. xx

  • I'm so sorry for you both! It's so cruel & seems to creep up so suddenly! I lost my beautiful mum early March! It's just so devastating but I'm glad to hear Bill seems pain free! Praying for you both! Lots of love & good wishes! X


  • So sorry to read that Bill has deteriorated. I cared for my husband at home with virtually no help at all as he went downhill very quickly. This is a devestating disease. I'm glad that Bill is pain free. I get great comfort from Neils much loved page. An online memorial. Take a peek

    Don't forget that we are here to support you as you move through Bills journey and ultimately onto your own

    Sending much love


  • So sorry X

  • So sorry to hear about Bill's deterioration, it seems so sudden. It's good he's having good care and is pain free.Try to look after yourself as well. My Mum is going back for another scan as there was another shadow , when she was xrayed and she has a pain where the shadow is. We can only hope it hasn't spread but as you've said it's a cruel disease. My thoughts are with you at this time Xx

  • Very sad x

  • So sorry to hear your news ,I am glad he has no pain my thoughts are with you both.Such a horrid disease .

  • So evil horrific disease x

  • Oh so sorry to here yr news, hope he is comfortable as can be, be strong for him x

  • So sorry you have to go through this. Hope you're getting the support you need and can spend time with Bill. Thinking of you both. x

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