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Pleased to be getting on with living

I know everyone's situation is different, but I am very grateful and priviliged to be sat here writing this post. As far as I know - after all the treatment and its side effects, I remain cancer free. I have no idea if it will return, but am now concentrating in living each day as it comes. I never thought I would get enough energy to start cleaning out my cupboards and doing ordinary things. The treatment which ended almost 18months ago seems like a distant memory. But I get stark reminders of how it was back then. I can only say that once they told me they would try for a treatment of the Cancer - I knew I would fight tooth and nail, but sometimes I lived hour by hour, just to get through.

Today, I have some quality of life, and I am alive and appreciating every day. I still have side effects(neurological from the chemo), but it is a small price to pay.

For all those who are struggling mid treatment, I would say - muddle through as best you can, dependant on the grade and type of cancer, there sometimes can be a happy outcome, but only for today. I do not know or want to know what tomorrow will bring. I have only the day in which I am living in. I wish you all luck on your own journeys.

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Hi Vee, good to see your doing well. I have just been home a week now from having yet another cancer removed. Apart from the healing pain I feel 110% better now. We are both fighters and cancer can be beaten. :) xxxx


Hi Jilly hope you're keeping ok and your surgery is successful.



Hi Rabbie, Hope your doing ok. I had my surgery on the Monday and was home Friday morning. The operation went well and I feel 100% better. Still a bit of pain from the surgery but only what was to be expected. I am now looking forward to hopefully being cancer free.

Thanks for keeping in touch. :) xx



Thank you for an honest, optimisitic and inspiring post. Really appreciate you sharing this and am sure it will give those in the middle of treatment a nudge in the right direction.

Glad to hear you are enjoying life and that time can help put treatment into perspective. As you say things are not the same, your life view is different, you are living with the side effects. Hope you are enjoying some summer weather and gaining strength.

Best wishes Jilly as you recover,

thank you both for sharing experiences positive and negative with the forum and being open about the ups and downs of cancer treatment.

best wishes



pleased to hear you are well and cancer free,all the best for the future,tom x


Hi Vera, so glad to hear that you are doing so well and NED still after 18 months, here's hoping you keep it up as it gives a lot of hope and inspiration to many on this site. You enjoy yourself.

Stay well Rab x


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