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How to improve the level of life on the last stage of cancer?

My dad has a lung cancer with the metastases in liver and head (included right eye). On the stage doctors are helpless, just wished us luck. My dad is getting worse and worse everyday. I know he does not have long time left and we are living with this sense for about 2 years. He tries to be strong but I feel that each day is becoming hell for him.

Please anybody advice, help what can be done to improve the level of quality of his life.

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Hi there, have you been in touch with your local cancer information centre or Macmillan nurses? They will be best placed to provide advice once they have assessed your Dad. Hope this helps.


Dear Mrs. Thank you for your answer it already gives me a hope. I'm from Georgia (Post Soviet), Tbilisi. You should not know that but we do not have any cancer information center or whatever, we have very nice and professional doctor but she can not help anymore. I would listen others experience, how to make a patient to look more healthy and feel comfortable.


I'm sorry, I didn't realise that. My colleague has found a couple of links that you may find useful. (Russian Cancer Society)

Israel Cancer Association has info available in Russian

Best Wishes,



Thank you there. I'll go through these sites and let's see what will be the outcome. I'm almost sure Russian will be helpless because of political situation. Thank you again :)


Hi tbilisi,

so sorry to hear about your dad. I hope you find the help and support you need for your dad. Try and stay strong you may find some advice here to:

I hope you find what you need

take care

lyn x


Dear Lynba, I've registered and asked questions on Grace. I hope that will work. Thank you for your attention.


Hi, I hope you all get the support you need to get you through this most difficult time. It will be very important to control your dad's pain, once my mum's pain relief was sorted it was much less distressing for us all. Spend as much time as possible with your dad & tell him everything you want him to know. Take care. Alli xx



Our problem is not pain (thanks god!). He just is getting weaker and weaker so that he does not have strength to sit up from the bed. I guess there should be some energizers which should be affective in his situation.

Thank you for your support.



I wish you all strength & stay in touch. I found this website very comforting during the most awful time. X


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