Hi i am new to this site and so happy i came across it i had a lobectomy 17 month ago and i still experience pain in my chest and pain between my shoulder blades i am told it is nothing to worry about its due to the surgery nerve damage but i still worry that the cancers back can anyone relate to this just seems 17 months and still in pain ?? Thank you


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  • I can't speak for the surge you had but I had a mastectomy 3 years ago and still get a lot of nerve pain and scar tissue pain apparently all normal as it can take ages for damaged nerves to repair

  • Dear Esmaleyla

    Although I am sorry to hear you have still got pain it is comforting for me as I had surgery 7 months ago and get discomfort, which has been worse again lately, I think maybe because I am doing more physical things in garden and house and also as I have a puppy who is becoming stronger and bigger to manage so is pulling me. I guess this is normal with perhaps scar tissue and nerve endings taking a long time to settle down. I can still feel tingles on my tummy sometimes from a scar of 8 years. I think it is normal to fear cancer coming back, I know I do as I have had it in breast and lung now even though both low grade not connected and caught early there is always that thought.

    Take care and be kind to yourself.


  • it could be nerve pain which can last for a long time. if it respond to anti nerve pain medications like neurontin or lyrica then its very likely neuropathic pain or nerve pain and not due to the cancer.



  • Hi Esmaleyla,

    Welcome to the site.I would think we have all thought that our cancer has returned at some time,so what you are feeling is normal.Are you getting any pain relief? I found that some painkillers did not suit me(constipation).The best medication in my case for nerve damage has been Gabapentin.I hope you can find an solution for your pain.


  • Thank you sorry for the late reply not very good with technologhy think thats how you spell it lol take care

  • Hi Esmaleyla

    I had a right lobectomy on Christmas Eve last year, was left with 40% of my lung. I get a lot of pain in my right shoulder and back, also under the bust where my flutter valve was. I think it's quite normal to feel pain and discomfort after any surgery, the nerves are strange things and sometimes take a long time to heal. So be encouraged with all the posts and comments on this site, like you I am new to it but find it very interesting.

    I also recently went to my local lung cancer social group, hoping to find someone like myself and compare notes. No one quite the same, but very enjoyable talking with people in the same position as yourself, am going next week again and joining them for their Christmas lunch. It does me good going out with others.

    Best of luck


  • Hi Esmaleyla

    I had my lobectomy op in September 2012 and even now still get occasional pain around my scars and ribs and maybe it sounds a bit silly, but yes, there is now always a 'tiny' sort of alarm system hiding away in the back of my mind that goes off every now and then! X


  • Thank you for your reply it does some how make me feel a little better knowing i am not on my own unfortunatly for me there is no group i know off nearby were i live its only since i joined the group that its lifted my spirits that people have survived there lung cancer do theres hope for me yet lol xx thanks again

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