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Advice on Lung nodule

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I've finally got results back from my CT scan and all that was found was a 2mm lung nodule, which my doctor tells me is nothing to worry about & cant be the cause of my shoulder and back nerve pain that I've had for months.

My question is should a biopsy be done to determine if its malignant or benign? My doctor seems to think not.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Hi not to worry you but are they going to do regular monitoring to check it doesn’t change? I would be pushing for some kind of follow up. Vast majority of modules are harmless but I was told need to be kept an eye on

I had a ‘nodule’ which was monitored every 3 months & was told it would be for 4 years - after 15 months it started to grow - turned out to be lung cancer.

Good luck !

I have small nodule in left lung but told not a problem it is scanned every three months and no changes so Dr not worried so I am feeling ok about it. Take care 💕

At 2 mm it is too small to be biopsied. A biopsy at this size is more likely to wind up with a false negative.

There are many things that can cause nodules including allergens, colds or flu, bronchitis, household cleaning fumes, air pollution, household and outdoor molds to name just a few.

As previously stated, it should be followed every 3 months or so with regular CTs.

I agree with everything already said. It is too small to do anything about at this time, but follow up scans will tell if it is growing. If it is growing, further testing will be ordered. I wish you good scans in the future and good health.

your doctor is following the BTS guidelines for lung nodule management that are now part of the NHSE lung screening protocol as so many people are found with these as part of 'lung health checks' pilot projects. Lung nodules are like 'moles' inside the lung - and in the same way as many people have moles that will never develop into anything harmful, a few might. Doctors do not follow up everyone with a mole on their skin only if things start to change. Pain in the shoulder/back etc is often only a symptom of lung cancer when it is well advanced and in the bones. More often than not, it is a muscular/skeletal issue and best worked through with your doctor with painkillers, scan/x-ray and physiotherapy if it doesn't resolve itself with activity. There is more information on Roy Castle lung cancer website about lung screening and the situation regarding the large number of people with lung nodules. Hope you can resolve your shoulder and back pain soon.

I agree with JMC8 - as long as your doctor has confirmed follow up x-rays or scans I wouldn't worry too much at this time. However, they do need to keep a check to make sure it doesn't grow. I would also advise you keep in tune with your own body and if you notice any worsening or new symptoms that concern you go back to your doctor. There is nothing wrong with being sure and a good doctor will be only too willing to put your mind at rest. More and more of us need to be our own advocates where cancer is concerned and we are the best people to know when something doesn't feel right.

Dear Redd2

There have been some great responses to your query, this link explains lung nodules and screening for cancer waiting time monitoring guidelines from the BTS (British Thoracic Society) :

As JanetteR57 has mentioned, it may be worthwhile to ask for physiotherapy assessment of your back and shoulder pain, especially if you are not having relief from pain medication or if you are having restricted movement.

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our Freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

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