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Where too start ??

I guess I should start in July this year regarding the dreaded C but its been nearly 2 yrs since health issues have ravaged my family. My partner was diagnosed with sclc in July this year. However, in April he underwent Open Heart Surgey for Aeortic Stenosis which was diagnosed March 2013 after blackouts that happened in the January. He is in his early 50's and I am nearly 40. Our children are 19,17 and 10 ! Eight weeks after his surgery this year he was experiencing severe chest pains and was kept in A & E overnight where they did a CT scan. A few days later he had his eight week post op check up and the hospital were so pleased with his recovery, we left that hospital on such a high thinking life could begin again. A few hours later the worry began Gaian when our local hospital who had performed the aforementioned CT scan called to say he had to attend a rapid access clinic within the next 2 wks. After numerous calls we found out it was rapid access lung clinic. Straight away I thought cancer but my partner wouldn't contemplate that so when we found out it was cancer but worse sclc - well I guess whoever is reading this will know how that felt !!!!!

So ! Four sessions of Chemo later and the tumour has shrunk loads so happy about that ! And chemo hasn't affected him too bad although from number 3 onwards he gets terrible body aches. But now their talking radiology which is gonna start over Christmas. They also want to 'do' his brain even though a recent scan shows its still limited in his left lung and lymph nodes.

I am so frightened ! I also feel v selfish as if they 'kill' healthy brain cells - then what ??? At the moment he isn't really ill, if you know what I mean. I hate the thought Christmas won't be Christmas - for our 10 yr old who has endured so much over the last two yrs. the consultant yesterday said to forget about Christmas in December concentrate on radiology and celebrate it when that finishes - yeah right !

My partner hasn't decided if he will have radiology on his brain, he has agreed on lungs - me, I know it's his decision and I will stand by him no matter what but its just soo damn hard. xxx

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Hi Deb, My heart goes out to you and your partner. I have had lung cancer and the emotions are pretty overpowering. I was a lucky one , I had my lung removed 2 years ago. All being well I am doing ok.

I wish your partner all the strength and luck with the radiology. Love to you both. xx


Well Deb, your husband and all of you are having a really rough time just now and will probably have to endure some more and I really feel for you all. Some of the decisions that have to be made are extremely difficult but it is your hubby who knows how he is feeling and how his body is reacting to the treatment. Hopefully his treatments will continue to reduce even eradicate the cancer.

Good Luck




things have been really tough for both of you, an awful version of a roller coaster. It can be really hard when you have children and are trying to keep things as normal as possible for the family. It is good to know that your partner has responded well to the chemo on the whole.

The prospect of brain radiation can be frightening. It is worth discussing with the medical team who can advise about the benefits and issues with this treatment. We do have an Information Pack: Lung Cancer Answering Your Questions which covers topics including this and can be ordered free from our helpline, 0333 323 7200 option 2.

In terms of Christmas it is much harder to write something off in theory than in practice. This is an important time for all the family. You can do what is right for yourselves - whether that is keeping things slightly quieter than normal, deciding you are going to celebrate in stages, with a meal one day, presents the next or lots of gaps in between for your other half to rest, if that helps.

I am sure you will find the forum members a great source of support, so do post your questions or concerns and know that we are thinking of you,

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team


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