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Why do they not want to give me radiotherapy?

Having had 6 cycles of chemotherapy my tumour has shrunk down to about 3cm. I also have some cancer in the lymph nodes on my other lung, which was the reason I was told my cancer was inoperable & my treatments were only for remission.

I have asked about radiotherapy but am told that this may be used later but not now. Surely now would be a good time to try to have it while the tumour is smaller and may respond better.

Anyone have any similar experience or advice and does anyone know anything about the more targeted tomotherapy?

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Hi suesal,

As radiotherapy damages healthy cells as well as cancerous ones, it is generally only used once in a series of treatment, which can be as frequent as 5 days a week for several weeks. As your Chemotherapy has shrunk and stable, your healthcare team may prefer to keep the radiotherapy as an option for later when there is a greater need.

Tomotherapy is a type of radiotherapy that can be used after conventional radiotherapy because it is extremely precise in targeting the tumour and therefore reduces damage to healthy organs. It is not available at every cancer centre.

I hope this helps,

Beth, on behalf of information and support.


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