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Hi all, my partner has lung cancer stage four he is currently ha img chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatment. His last scan they said he was stable so was able to have a break from treatment. We have been to America for a month, a friend of our’s there has recommended Ivermectin, has anybody tried this? I have read about it and I feel confident enough to try it. Will keep you posted 🙏🙏🙏

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I would seek medical advice mayoclinic.org/drugs-supple...

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Ivermectin can adversely affect other medications. There have been no peer reviewed studies that demonstrate that ivermectin is effective in treating cancer but it does a very good job on pinworms.

Thank you Jando and good luck. Medicine has unfortunately become so political and many doctors are afraid to use anything that doesn't fit the covid narrative. I think you are wise and will make the best decision for your partner. As time passes we learn more about Ivermectin-unfortunately I think it would have been a useful tool against the virus had it been administered early-certainly better than intubation with remdesivir which was awful.

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Hi Carmine, thanks for your reply. Hope all is well with you. Sometimes I think we are just clutching at straws, I feel so helpless I just want to try anything 🙏 Now I’m feeling if chemotherapy is keeping him stable it’s best not to mix it with anything else. Stable is good 🙏I will hold you in my prayers along with everyone else. Stay strong and positive 🙏🙏🙏

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