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CBD oil and lung cancer

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Hello, Considering using a high dose of pure CBD oil concentrate ( no THC as I cant do the high) to see if that will help me with getting my cancer into remission. I have heard great things about it, but it is expensive especially if you do the recommended 400 to 600 MG day they say is needed for stage 4 cancer.

Anyone has any experience with CBD oil and did it help?

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Hi cammfam. I have heard about it and have done some research. Since I live In Texas it is unavailable to me . Please let me know how it works for you. I am all fo natural products

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caz2uz in reply to Texas64

It is actually completely legal in Texas

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charsimpson in reply to Texas64

please my dad has stage 4 lung cancer

Char, welcome to our community. You will find support and wisdom here. Please feel free to email me if you would like information or resources concerning your father's diagnosis. My email is pbezruki@freetobreathe.org, my phone number is 844.835.4325. Our website is freetobreathe.org/.

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cammfam4 in reply to Texas64

You can buy the CBD oil and have it shipped to you. Because it contains no THC it is legal to mail. The place I get it from is called Diolieve here is there website, (info@DioLieve.com) call and talk to the owner direct, his names is Jeff and he is very helpful. Please mention Lisa from Roseville referred you. :)

Good luck!

I would really like to give CBD a go myself.

Cammfam4 I took CBD oil for a year. I was doing 800 mgs a day and NOTHING. I did get a buzz with munchies. CBD has 3% of THC in it and Pot has 4% in it. I was doing the 50mgs of CBD oil caps with the 25mg CBD tincture besides CBD 25mg of Tea bags. Yes it is very, very expensive. I spent close to 3000 last year.. and it didn't touch my cancer . Don't let them fool you about the THC cause all CBD Hemp oil has 3% in it. Read + Look up everything on CBD !!!! Good Luck

Zoolog_64, Did you have a medical marijuana card & were you receiving treatment same time as taking CBD oil?

Jenni_wegner2617 :: NO medical card I live in Nebraska. I was getting it out of Colorado. I was hoping the CBD would remove the cancer nodules so I wouldn't have to go threw treatments.

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cammfam4 in reply to Zoolog_64

Thank you, I'm sorry that it did not work out for you. Its very hard to find the right stuff out there to begin with. My first purchase was mostly coconut oil!

I am also on Tarceva so it will be hard to tell which one is working but i figure it might be worth a try with the stories I have read.

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Zoolog_64 in reply to cammfam4

cammfam4. No need to be sorry. I was just trying it to see if it would work like everyone say's it would. I do know what will destroy it all and his name is JESUS. Coconut oil is good for the skin no cancer remover :(

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cammfam4 in reply to Zoolog_64

Agreed, keep praying and I will pray for you as well!! Take Care.

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Zoolog_64 in reply to cammfam4

I will pray for you also . Keep your money and Pray for GOD to remove all Cancer nodules :) Stay in touch.

Ha ha ha, because praying solves all life's problems....

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RBG1649 in reply to Zoolog_64

In the U.S. CBD can only legally have three tenths of one percent (0.003 or 0.3%) THC.


I would recommend the oil w/thc and do it at night. Go on you tube and watch Rick Simpson interview. The effective oils will have thc !!

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Zoolog_64 in reply to tubguy

I did the pure CBD oil w/thc for a year. I know the effects that the oils have and why only do it at night ? I was doing it all day until I got to my amount I was suppose to take daily. I'm Cancer free today BUT not cause of the CBD oil ..

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tubguy in reply to Zoolog_64

They were concerned about the high

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Hope4mum in reply to Zoolog_64

How can you be sure that the CBD oils didn't aid in your recovery please if you have any facts and congratulations on your recovery.

Lisma1230 . I was doing pure CBD oil. I was getting it out of Colorado.

Check out my post on projectcbd.org. You can control the amount of THC you get and do several doses in a day to not get "stoned" too much. In the medical cannabis states pharmacists will help you with doseage.

Seriously the CBD i used has no High at all!! It will help with all the side effects of chemo and other drugs. Worth a try.

For cancer purposes you do need the THC. To bypass the high you can make it into suppositories. Or alternatively take it at night only and you will sleep through the high. Best sleep ever. Perhaps you can benefit from this holistic cancer group: facebook.com/groups/1476002...


My husband also is considering this option. But he wants to wait on what treatment plan is first. I believe that it may help as my son is in this field. If you decide to use it, make sure you go to a reputable place! What state are you in?


You really need to do more research and I'm not qualified to give you advice, but I am in the same sad state you are, it sucks. CBD is only a small part of the equation, the THC is what actually kills the cancer cells and shrinks tumours. Read Rick Simpson Protocol, look up Corrie Yelland etc and find out more. I am starting a regimen and I do not want to be stoned out either, there are ways of deterring that, things like suppositories etc and certain enzymes like citicoline and sniffing pepper. I am going to start once I am off the opioids as they interfere with the work of the cannabis oil and THC.

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