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Lung cancer stage 4 want to try RSO and CBD

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Hi. My mom diagnosed with stage 4 nsclc September last year. We did not go to chemo or radiation. We just take Chinese herbs. It’s been a year and currently she had difficulty breathing and always short of breath. Coughing a lot. She admitted to hospital and had an X-ray which her left lung full of small nodules. She didn’t have it last year. I’m in lost .. recently I’m doing research online and saw that RSO and CBD can help cancer. Does anyone try it. I’m in asean and I’m looking some way to get it since it’s not available and prohibited in my country..

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RSO does not cure cancers. CBDs work as complimentary treatment to help manage the side effects of treatments. If they are illegal in your country don’t risk being sent to prison. You cannot help care for your mother from prison. There are artificial CBDs in a drug that is probably legal there called Marinol.

She has difficulty breathing and is always short of breath because her Cancer is getting worse. Because she has had so much cancer spread within that lung it is very likely that it has now spread to other parts of her body as well. Because she is Asian there is a very good chance that her cancer has an EGFR mutation. She would probably do well on Tarceva which is a pill that targets cancers that are caused by the mutation. It is easier in the body than chemotherapy or radiation.

I send hope that they can help her.

Do see if she is candidate for targeted therapies. She would need genetic testing. I did chemo and targeted drug therapies. I was stage 4 in 2013 and currently in remission. Has she had any scans to see where besides her lungs her cancer might be? I pray you find answers you need and she gets the treatment that is best for her.


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Hi were you diagnose with Stage 4 lung cancer if so did you received treatment (chemo & radiation). My family and I are very optimistic and we know my dad wont' get cure but at least he can stay with us a little longer with good quality of life. He is willing to fight but sometimes the pain is to much for him. His cancer has spread and has a tumor on the back and his right leg has cancer as well, it looks like it has spread. Did you used the canabas oil?

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Ncpoet in reply to verolove

I used chemo-Alimta and carboplatin- for two months, two targeted drugs—Xalkori and Zykadia- one for 7 months and one for five months, and then Alimta every three weeks for a year. No radiation. Mine was in lung, outside lung, chest wall, and lymph node. I had genetic testing to see what was best course of treatment for me. Yes, I had stage 4 adenocarcinoma non small cell lung cancer. I was diagnosed in 2013 and there has been no cancer showing for two years, only scar tissue. No to C oil. Lots of new treatments since I was treated. Praying doctors put your dad on best treatment for him and always hope!


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verolove in reply to Ncpoet

Thank you Judy for your fast respond. One more questions were you giving a time frame of life meaning did they you x amount of life left? They told my dad he only had 6 months to a year left with treatment.

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I was told 8+ months.

Cuba has invented vacine aproved by USA regulator which cures lung cancer worth following up

God bless

The information from Nsattar is not correct. The Cuban vaccine is being tested in the US in a small trial but it is not approved.. It is also NOT a cure.

There is a lot of misinformation out on the web with people trying to make money with false claims and taking advantage of people with cancer. Although chemicals like cbd oil can help with symptoms, so far the only reliable treatments are those offered by reputable practitioners. In this country, they are our doctors, specifically oncologists.

I hope you find helpful treatment for your mother. I'm sure she appreciates having such a caring daughter by her side.

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Cherie1210 in reply to JeanE41

Thank you Jean..

I agree with Denzie, there is high probability that she has EGFR mutation because she is Asian. If tested positive with EGFR, Tagrisso, a target drug, can work wonders. My wife is a good example. I am firmly believe the first thing is do a generic testing, if tested EGFR positive, go with Tagrisso. If tested positive with other type of mutation, there are other effective target drug also. Generic test is the next step, that is for sure. Best wishes!

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Cherie1210 in reply to weisheke

Thanks! I’ll discuss with my family. Maybe we’ll try Immunotheraphy. Xx

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litoreggie in reply to weisheke

My Father is stage 4 and using Tagrisso. It has taken care of almost 80% of the cancer in 7months. The thing we are struggling with is his weight. He is only 106 pounds. Still up and moving around. How was your wife with her weight??

Dear Cherie,

I agree with all the others especially as far as Medical Marijuana (CBD/RSO) being "curative"- it simply is NOT and I'm a perfect example. I live in a Legal State, so I obtained my MM card and tried it, (specifically to hopefully help with the side effects of chemo), ironically during the time I was trying it my Cancer actually progressed and was the most aggressive it has ever been since I started treatment. I was on Alimta maintenance at the time, and had been NED (No evidence of disease) early that Summer. I would never ever recommend anyone use any type of Marijuana as a treatment, there simply is not enough known info. Also as already indicated the internet is full of "scams" and false claims of people who "swear"it cured them, but if you research most of these cases, you'll quickly find that these patient's also had some form of Traditional treatment, so it's hard to know which really helped? Please be cautious and careful because they are several sites thate have been warned by the FDA to "stop" making these false claims...but there people really dont' care--they just want to try and take advantage of those who are desperate for a cure, it's quite upsetting to me.

I'm very sorry for your Mom and also agree it may be wise to check into all her possible treatment options. Lung Cancer treatments have greatly advanced in the past five years and there are many who are doing quite well with a variety of treaments (other then Chemo and Radiation). These other treatments (Targeted therapies and even Immunotherpay), can be very effective and cause limited side effects for many. I'm a Stage IV Patient who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and also a Pulmonary Embolism. Thanks to my treatments, I am now "Stable" and off all treatments and have been for over two years. I believe it was Opdivo (Immunotherapy) that saved me.

I realize that many people seem to be very afraid or reluctant to try traditional treatments, for their own reasons. Please also know that it may be dangerous to rely solely on alternative treatments. Here is one article that shares this information. -- -- I do hope your Mom will think about going in for a second opinion/consult and make sure they tell here all her possible treatment options.

Wishing her the best...


Hi Lisa, thank you. The reason we did not go chemo and radiation because my husband Uncle died from mom is too weak to do chemo. My Father in law had npc and he did traditional therapy and he’s alive now. That’s 10 year ago! I hope my mother will do the same. Right now I try to help her boost her immune system and her appetite

My dad has stage IV and has tried CBD oil and recently, Marinol, to help with the nausea and lack of appetite, but NOT to treat his cancer. I highly encourage you not to use either of those to treat cancer, but as a supplement to help support side effects of cancer. Please look into targeted treatments, genetic mutation testing, chemo and radiation to treat her cancer, if your mother is willing. The natural is a good way to go as a support for those medicines, but not as a sole treatment against cancer. It won’t work out well otherwise. My dad found CBD oil to work well in the beginning but it’s no longer working the same on him now and he doesn’t feel much relief from nausea anymore with it. Marinol makes him too dizzy so he has to take it before bed only. Still unsure if it is helping him. All my best to you and your mom!!

Hello there Lisa, I am glad I seen this particular post regarding RSO and CDD — I have a major decision to make shortly, I’ll post my situation on s separate thread with the hope of getting both information and opinions from those who have lung cancer- I know chemotherapy infusions given. aggressively has many terrible side effects,, one mentioned was nausea ,,,,I have Asian ginger tea that works 20 times better for nausea than Zofra and any med I wAs given to l,, it also stops stomach pain. I’m gonna and more , it works immediately ,,I will try to send a picture of box of tea ,, there are many different teas

Hi, thank you for this info!! Yes, please let us know the name of the ginger tea! I know my dad could use it and it would be helpful for many others on here to know. Much appreciated. Wishing you the best in your latest situation!

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Cherie1210 in reply to Lisam81

Thanks Lisam81. I just started her with CBD oil today. Hope she getting better xx

I had stage 3 melanoma which spread to my lymph nodes. I did 3 months of cannabis oil, 3X a day, and now am cancer free a year later. I had a perfect CT scan (Sept 2018), a perfect brain scan (Feb 2019), a perfect PET scan (2020) and recently another perfect PET scan. No cancer anywhere!

I didn't do any other form of treatment. No surgeries, no chemo, nothing.

I got my oil through Rick.

"Rick Simpson" (cannabis_oil_cure@outlook. com)

Thanks for reading....

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