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Do severe air born allergies affect treatment?

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My husband is a 5+ year lung cancer survivor, but only on several test done regularly recorded as "stable". Without going into all the past history, I have an important question to ask the wise folks on here.

Last year we moved from the south into Las Vegas to be close to my family as my husband's tumor had just had a sudden large growth. He had Keytruda and chemo for a few months, which did nothing.

He was then put on Opdivo and did well, even becoming stable. However, right after our arrival in Las Vegas, he had to go on oxygen, eventually, more recently almost unable to walk from room to room even with the oxygen being at 3 L.

After arrival in Vegas, I started coughing. Even threw a rib out.

But, with him getting bad, taking him to new doctors, tests and treatments, I ignored my symptoms until the summer. By then, I feared I might have T.B. So I started with allergist. Of the 59 trees and plants tested, I was extremely allergic to the local evergreen, Utah Juniper. At age 81, I did not feel shots would be good for me. So, I decided we needed to move back home to the south land.

Waiting for the scheduled scan and next Opdivo treatment, I became even more concerned about my husband and was having to push him around in a wheelchair. After the scan, the tumor started to grow again. We had also decided he was allergic to to the evergreen because of simple allergic symptoms, itchy ears, etc. but no more Opdivo the doctor said.

It has been 3 days since our arrival back home and he is walking around inside without oxygen. In Walmart yesterday, his rider battery died and he had to walk to the front of the store for another one. His oxygen was in the car.

My question to you is this. Could his year of obviously extreme allergy exposure interfere with the success of the Opdivo?

We need to know the answer to this before any other treatment is started because he does not tolerate chemo well.

HELP!!! And many, many, many thanks.

Gloria and Ed

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That is a complex question. Have you asked the oncologist? I would think you would get the best information from him or her. All I can say is since my lobectomy in 2015, I have been hypersensitive to pollutants and allergens in the air and regularly check air quality before any outdoor activities. The good thing is that he no longer constantly needs oxygen since you moved from Las Vegas. That is a very positive thing.

I hope you get the answers you need.


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GMC1 in reply to JeanE41

Thank you Jean

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So relieved for you that the move produced positive results so quickly. You should probably consult a doctor to get an answer to your question about the allergies. Perhaps one of the oncologists who monitor the boards at will answer it for you.

Not knowing where you lived in the south I can’t be sure, but, the altitude at Las Vegas may be higher than where you used

to live. That can complicate the breathing issues.

I send hope that your husband improves and thrives in your new home. Wishing you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year.

Great question for your oncologist. Pleased you are both doing better after your move from Las Vegas. Best wishes for the new year🤗🎄🤗🙏🤞

Thank you so much. Wishes for you also.

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