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My husband could benefit from some prayers


I haven't posted in a while but my husband can use some prayers. He was non-operable 2 years ago due to location of his lung cancer. He went through 2 types of chemo and radiation. They both failed. He was started on Opdivo but since has developed 5 new areas one near collar bone, another in lung and 3 in the stomach. Opdivo was stopped and he was started on Navelbine 3 weeks ago. He started with a 104 temp this past Friday and I took him to the ER. At first doctors thought he had pneumonia in both lungs but as of the past 2 days they are thinking the cancer has now spread in the other lung. He is still spiking a elevated temp and severe abnormal pain to where he can't eat. He continues to be in the hospital. All prayers will be appreciated.

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Done. I’ve also added prayers of strength for you and to guide the doctors.

Thank you Kindly

You have my prayers.


Thank you so much

Prayers for your husband and for you

Thank you for your prayers

Praying for your husband and for you. May God provide clarity to those caring for him so that they know how to help him, may He heal your husband’s fever and provide relief from his pain, and may He be your strength through all of this. God is with you both. 🙏

Thank you Kindly for your prayers

Prayers for your husband and all of your family 🙏🏻


May the Lord comfort both your husband and yourself...May he provide strength and courage enough for each day he is giving you...Lord, hear my prayer...

Sending you love, strength and prayers for you both x

Prayers for you, your husband, your family and the doctors for a successful treatment.

Sending prayers for your husband and for you🙏

I just saw your post and I am praying for both of you.


Sending prayers and hugs💕

Prayers for your husband and your family

Prayers and love xx


Sending hugs and prayers!

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