Numero 4 it is so lovely when the bandages come off and my feet slip into a basin of water

This last week not all plain sailing legs were sore for first 3 days and itched beyond the realms of endurance. Then day 4 it was easier and easier to walk as well. This set did not stay up as well sunk around two inches so leg measuring showed left leg is doing brilliantly and right was getting bigger. Condundrum I have another two months before I see the gentleman who asked for this to be started so we will plod along with my wonderful cabrioli legs till then. All in all on the leg front it is a winner unfortunately the rest of me leavees a lot to be desired. Any one else going through this at the moment? Best of luck xgins

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  • Having boots on both legs with the circulation has helped and taking one alleve in the morning and one at night for pain is the only relief have starte lymph drainage is a tough road...

  • hang in there it will be worth it when we have thin legs although I believe I am in for the long haul but hey I do feel improvement in my pins :) xgins

  • it will be worth it in the end, i had 8 months in compression bandages and i rememeber that itching well, used to drive me mad, i did get given something to help that, but now im mostly maintained with compression garments. I take pain killers sometimes if thay ache, Good luck.

  • sounds like a long battle but garments must be a great improvement :) well done you xgins

  • Im in my 3rd week... Good results so far but new bandages feel tight :)

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