C section scar, or tight back or trunk twisting exercise making lymphedema worse or causing it?

My moderate leg and abdomen had no cause, per many tests. When I elevated my legs the abdomen bloating got worse. My solution was an p t who did myofascial release on my pubic to belly button c section scar while relaxing me and legs less flexed vs elevated. Has anyone had c section scar cause lymph backup? Also I am uncomfortable sittind hips flexed such as on a low stool and bloat and feel did-ease. Also, I have a history of not feeling well when doing twisting sit ups unrelated to lymph backup. Should I ask for an abdominal l m r eye if these thinks and deep massage bring on an and leg lymphedema after all these years in " remission"? Has anyone dealt with these odd things or unexplained causes?

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  • Where are you based? Have you been diagnosed with lymphoedema? Do you wear compression?

  • I live near Philadelphia. I had moderate leg lymphedema last in 2011. I wore lymph pantyhose-to above waist, but by the time I finally got funding it was resolved. I did go to h u p rehab -hospital of university of pa.-1-2 times for advice and measures. Also my private p t used kinesotape on my whole legs, in a thin strip webbed pattern and that was like a massage all day and really helped. I had it 2008, 2011 ( moderate) and very minimal trace now. Since they found no cause then I attributed to stress. I am a occupational therapist on disability since 2010 but there are other diagnosis too/ unrelated. I hope u have advise...Thanx.

  • I have leg and genital lymphoedema, my scar from my hysterectomy is where I get a lot of build up of fluid. My lymph nurse says that it seems as though the lymph just can't get past or around the scar area.

  • And yes I also get quite full/bloated in the stomach area.

  • Thanx. My best to u

  • I am in NYC.cI have bilateral lower leg lymphedema. In 2001 I had a lumpectomy , chemo and rAdiation. Right away my legs got so heavy. I work in a hospital and saw every specialist to no avail. The orthopedist said my knees were arthritic , which I knew. I had both knees replaced. Still no relief. The swelling now added to the heaviness. Dr treated me with lasix. Went to the bathroom often but the swelling. Never went down. Finally a young cardiologist diagnosed me right away. The older Drs around 50's and up only had about 20 minutes of learning about the lymph system. It's different now. My dr asked if 2 new Drs could sit in on my appointment. Pain dr. I said of course. I told them my entire history and they both knew it was lymphedema right away. That gives me hope.

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