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If there's anybody out there that is suffering with the embarrassing problem from haemorrhoids commonly known as piles, and your worried of going through painful procedures that are available in the UK at the present time, and due to the horror stories you have chosen to opted out because of this. ( I don't blame you) BUT DONT WORRY there is an answer!

I had my haemorrhoids banded, and it put me off for life, the bands dropped off after two days due to me having to have a rectal enema because they swelled up so much they were stopping me from taking a P as well as having a bowl motion, so after that I chose to live with them.

Then I discovered a company called Ultroid UK, ( it changed my life forever.

Because of this new treatment that is now available here in the UK, and, (its pain free) I I'm now free of piles completely (brilliant amazing)

I was shocked at the results.

It took around 20 to30 minuets tops, (NO PAIN)

The Dr place a probe at the base of the haemorrhoid, with a low voltage current, it was a little bit uncomfortable I will admit due to having a tube stuck my rectum, it just felt like I needed a bowl motion.

I had three large internal haemorrhoids, and they all shrunk up to about 50% during the procedure, I was told by the Dr.

I had instant relief and then about 10 days later they were all virtually gone, and now I live a normal life with no pain or bleeding what so ever, So if you are suffering from PILES there is at last a procedure out there the works and is PAIN FREE

I suffered for 20 years and just lived with them and now my life is normal GOOD LUCK

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