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Rashes with lymphoedema

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Hi everyone :-)

I wear Class 3 Compression stockings below the knee. When the weather warms up, so do my legs and I end up with a rash on both legs. I'm then unable to wear the stockings to keep the swelling down.

The rash can take sometimes four days or longer to settle. Does anyone else have the same problem? My MLD therapist suggested hydrocortisone cream, but it can thin the skin, so am reluctant to try it. I take antihistamines and they help to reduce the itchiness, but not the rash.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

MoJo :-)

2 Replies
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Hi Mo_Jo, I know some of us lymphies pop our garments in the fridge overnight in hot weather, and/or spray cold water from a squeezy bottle on to the garments when they are on. The evaporation of the water causes a cooling effect (same way fridges work).

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yorkiebee2 in reply to lovesradio

Will try that - I dread the summer months with these compression stockings!

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