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Scar tissue and lymphoedema on leg

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Hi I am new here . I had an emergency operation on my left leg for necrotising fasciitis and have been left with a large scar from my foot to my knee. Now I have lymphoedema in that leg . I am unable to get any help for treatment or measuring up for stockings etc. Is there any advice on where to seek help ? The local Marie Curie centre has said if I lose weight they may take me on.

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Oh my god that looks nasty, have you tried using google for nearest clinic to where you live.

Where are you Tricia?

Contact the Lymphoedema Support Network, They have a telephone help line, details on their website.

Hi Tricia

I am vascular surgeon .you are lucky to get ride of this disease necrotizing fasciitis .its a very aggressive problem

The wound is not bad but you need further dressings to make the wound clean

I am really confused here - am I right in thinking that you are not being given help with your leg in that condition on the grounds that you need to lose weight??? Hope you get the help you need very soon x

Has the wound healed? Have you had your circulation assessed? If so, do contact LSN for advice. There are private lymphoedema therapists around if NHS won't treat you in a timely fashion. All the best!

That looks awful sore & and infected are you any further on?

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