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Lymphoedema leakage. please help!

Hello, I have Lymphoedema

in both my legs, my right leg is alot worse than my left one.

the Lymphoedema

starts all the way from groin to feet, but not affecting my bum cheeks.

The reason I am writing this is because I need some advise. currently on the back of my right leg below my bottom on my thigh I have a leakage. Usually leakages for me are easy to manage but this is proven very difficult.

the concerned area of leakage seems to be a cluster of small spots that have opened up and are now leaking uncontrollably.

The leaking has now been going on for; today being the 11th day.

i have used absorbent pads and all sorts but within 45 mins they are saturated. It is leaking so, so much. and I end up changing the the dressing every four hours ( that's if my partner is here to help me'

because of the location of the leakage I am constantly sat on top of it.

the area in concern is almost like a strip, bending around my thigh and ending up a few inches below my bottom.

i have garments that cover both legs from just below my chest and ending just below my knee's, I have not been using these as I only have 2 pairs and as I said before, within 45 minutes the dressing are saturated.

before changing the dressings my partner cleans the area and applies creams but it just is not getting any better at all! I am stuck!

SO.. does anyone have any advise, tips, on what i can do to help stop this leakage!?

do you think i should wear my stockings which would apply pressure to the area?

please help me guy'!

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If you are you in the UK, you should see a nurse at your surgery or local hospital, or they'll arrange a District Nurse. You should also get to a Lymphoedema Clinic for their assessment.

If you're elsewhere, and expense is a problem, we may be able to offer suggestions for self-treatment. You're at risk of bacteria entering, but seem to know what you're doing. Lying down should relieve a bit of pressure, especially if you lie on your other side.

Best wishes!


What sort of cream are you applying? If the fluid coming out is clear, it could be something called lymphorrhea, which is very acidic and can cause the skin in the area to break down. Avoid using the cream for a few of changes of dressing, and just use the pads. Some of my clients who have gone through this, find that night time sanitary pads are more absorbent than the stuff supplied by their clinic! Might be worth a try.

As SBT says - you need an urgent assessment by your lymphoedema clinic.


Hi dale1989

I keep having this trouble with my legs.

My lymphoedema nurse called by to assess the problem and she did compression bandaging on the affected leg. The district nurses then used to call by twice. Week to reapply th bandages,As th wounds began to dry up then it went to once a week to change bandages .When they dried up it was back to the compression socks.

Mine took a while to clear up,but eventually they did.Its also important to keep your leg raised as this prevents the water from poolng in your legs .This isnt always practical but it certainly helps to get them dried up quickly.

Also keep them well creamed.I was given fifty fifty cream or cetrebam.

Take care.




Hi Dale

I certainly understand how your feeling tbe best thing to do us let it drain itsself til it subsides....Keep it clean...I use peroxide and I pat the area with it... I use curad antibiotic oitment and sometimes I get stoma powder make a paste out it on an adb pad so that it can absorb it ...tbe stima help skin to mend a tad bit ...when wet its kinda sticky and gummy...I am unable to lay on my side and stomach...but if you can do that ...so that the rest if your skin can get air..keep the rest of the skin around that area moisturized...so you can have healthy skin and tissue... underpads dont work for me to catch the fluid...I have to use a diaper it catches the fluid better so you doint have to keep changing sheets....I know how you feel my brother it is not a easy journey...I think Ive invented new curse words (πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜—πŸ˜)... Give that a try I hope it gives you some relief.. God Bless


Hi Dale - The LSN has a information fact sheet on lymphorrhoea (leaky legs) give the office a ring on 020 7351 4480 and ask them to send you one.


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