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What relief can I get for a aching left leg?

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As I tested positive for Covid last weekend I have spent most of the week resting up. So my legs and feet are down beautifully but my left leg has an horrendous ache. The ache seems to run from the middle of my leg at the back just below my bottom into the back of my knee and then right down the outside edge of my leg and the top of my ankle. My foot and leg feels like it has been to the dentist. My right leg is not affected.

I have felt a little relief with the heat from the shower and the heat from a water bottle but this is not for a great deal of time, maybes 20 minutes and then its back with a vengeance.

Has anyone got any ideas on how I get rid of this pain?

I'd love to have a bath but since dislocating my elbow two years ago I can't risk that, a shower is fine but I need more relief what do you suggest?

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I had similar ache a few years ago, it was excruciating standing for lengths of time and sitting didn’t relief it entirely. I went to a foot clinic, they thought it was to do with alignment and I was putting to much pressure on that leg. They used sports tape, wrapped under the heel, around the ankle and up the leg (they were kinetic strips rather than bandage) I was surprised that it worked! Since then I’ve been given braces that I wear occasionally.

Might be worth mentioning to GP.

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You might want to get it checked out by a clinic. COVID has been associated with blood clots that can be dangerous.

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