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Where can I buy a compression sleeve for lower leg lymphodema


On order stage 2compression stockings hav had past 5 dvts and want to buy compression sleevefor leg I Iive in newcastle upon tyne and the waiting list in front of me at st oswalds is 6months plus I need to do something so I thought buying a sleevemay help where do I get one and how much? I'm at wits end with pain and ache what can I do?

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Please don't buy a garment 'off the shelf' - with your history, you really ought to ask your GP practice to supply you with one - their practice nurse should be capable of measuring you and deciding which compression level is appropriate for your particular problem. Pain must be investigated, as there may be a problem with the arterial or venous supply in that leg.

I agree with Lynora, don't buy off the shelf. See your GP and become a pleasant nagging patient

The pain needs to be investigated.

Good luck use us to grumble. Make ringing your GP and LSN your two tasks tomorrow

I purchase compression stockings from SupportHoseStore.com You can buy either Jobst or JUZO which I find to be the better stocking. This is a USA company, but hopefully they will ship to you.


If you buy the wrong size, it might make matters worse. You really need to see your GP/nurse so you can be measured properly and get them on prescription - they are not cheap to buy yourself. Hope you get sorted soon

You may be able to buy some from the manufacturer. I have just bought my liners from the manufacturers, not sure who they are now1!

Please be careful if you buy 'off the shelf' compression stockings!!

I've had 5 dvt's myself and a couple of PE's and have been told I have Post Thrombotic Syndrome [ netdoctor.co.uk/heart-healt... ] , which is very painful and causes swelling itself.

People with PTS are at risk of getting more dvt's, which I did, despite being on warfarin at the time. [I now take Rivaroxaban - xarelto - instead]

You really ought to speak to your GP and find out for sure if you have PTS because you need to be aware of how to look after your leg.

As for the pain, I know how bad it can be. I've recently been prescribed morphine to help me with it... like I said, you need to see your GP.

Hope it all works out for you.


hez67 in reply to WestWalesPaul

Hi all well I went to the consultant who prescribed me stage 2 compression stockings below knee in a view to stage 3 later on. They are ok to wear hard to put on mind!!!! I do still wish to buy a compression machine the one that squeezes the vein and pumps blood around leg. Iv been told if I dnt loose weight and use these stockings I'd become prone to ulcers and as a last scenario amputation :( I still ent have a date to see anyone from st Oswalds for lymphatic drainage therapy or anything. When I had my first dvt I was put in a type of compression it was called a wellitron hi then (25 yrs ago) I Just want to help myself and buy the machine x

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