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HRT patches and lymphoedema

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I've recently been prescribed with oestrogen only HRT in the form of a patch. According to my FB HRT group the best place to apply the patch is below the waist on the buttocks/hip/abdomen/thigh.

However, I have some mild swelling due to lymphoedema in these areas on one side and I know from scans that I have compromised lymph flow on the other side.

Does anyone here with lymphoedema from below the waist to the thigh use oestrogen patches? If so I'd be interested to hear your experiences.

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I also use the patches below the waist and have lymphodema. One doctor told me to put on my upper arm. I never did try that but maybe you could try that.

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Perido in reply to JanCan15

Many thanks for your reply.

My HRT FB group seem to be against applying patches to the upper arm but my pharmacist said it would be OK.

However, I think it might be more convenient to put the patch below my waist but I'm very cautious about what happens to my skin where I have lymphoedema or am at risk for it.

May I ask, do you apply your patches where you actually have swelling from the lymphoedema?

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JanCan15 in reply to Perido

I have very minor swelling in my legs but I’m at the very beginnings of lymphodema so it’s hard to know if the swelling is in my thighs or just the lower parts and feet. I put the patch on my lower abdomen and just rotate it around. I haven’t noticed any swelling or irritation yet. It does itch sometimes. I’ve been using an estrogen patch for almost 5 yrs. I hope that helps!

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