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Genital lymphoedema and thrush

Hi guys, I have had genital lymphoedema for the past two years and this week I started feeling really sore on my labia, it felt like thrush but to be sure I went to the doctor. She said yes it was and took a swab just in case. I have been using the cream (canesten) internally for two days and am still sore. I am a it worried as it is the first time I have had any type of yeast infection since the lymphoedema and the doctor didn't appear to have any idea of genital lymphoedema. Should i be doing anything more than just the cream? I have tried to research this but can't find any answers. Thankyou

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Clean that area with plain water - use a jug or bottle or shower head. Pat it dry, avoid rubbing - you could use a hair dryer on medium.

Have you tried natural yoghurt as a 'salve'? Avoid yeast based foods - bread, mushrooms, beer - cut out sugar. I could go on! Used to get this alot when I was younger. Two days is probably not enough for the canesten to take effect. One session I had turned put to be bacterial vaginitis (sp?) which required a course of penicillin - if your GP took a swab, this will show what sort of infection it is. Hopefully things will improve soon.


Sometimes I get really sore and think it is thrush but often it is cellulitis which requires Penicillin. Also the build up of lymph can cause irritation in the tissues so you need to see a specialist if you can as I find thT GPs don't alwYs see the big picture!

I sympathise, it is very uncomfortable and hope you get sorted out soon.


Hi Misty, I have had ongoing Thrush with genital Lymphoedema. The specialist at the hospital put me on Fluconazol once a week. I have been on proflatic antibiotics and always get Thrush with antiobiotics, and this has really helped where Canestan didn't even touch it.

Hope you get it sorted soon, it's miserable isn't it? Xx


Hi Misty, I know we have spoken before on this subject and thought it might be worth updating you on my meeting with Prof Mortimer, leading specialist in Lymphoedema on my genital Lymphadema. I had been diagnosed with Genital Lymphadema following my Hysterectomy, however when I visited Prof Mortimer he said that was unlikely and took biopsies of the skin in that area. Following these he has now diagnosed me with Anogenital Granulomatosis, Cutaneous Crohns, which has caused the Lymphadema, and nothing to do with the Hysterectomy. I am due to start treatment mid August.

I appreciate I don't know your history, but your symptoms sound very similar to mine.

Regards, Debbie


Thankyou for your replies, the canesten has now started working and I am feeling a LOT better! I probably panicked a bit but as I have not have cellulitis and the GP I saw looked so lost when I told her I had genital lymphoedema, I was worried things were going to get worse. Your reply is very interesting Debbie and I will look into that further, is there treatment that can help you? And Lynora it may of been a coincidence but I normally avoid sugar, but the day before I started feeling sore I actually ate a lot of sugar at a party. Once again thank you all for your replies it helps to know that there is somewhere I can turn when I need to.


I have been able to avoid yeast infection , even with antibiotics by eating yogurt every day. Also, using some of the cream on the skin (after you check with the doctor) should greatly ease the itch. Hope you feel better soon.


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