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Lymphoedema and bursitis


Is there a connection with these two conditions? I developed lymphoedema almost four months after my breast surgery which included an auxiliary clearance on my right side. I had just about got full mobility back in my right arm and after developing lymphoedema the mobility diminished and I have been having physiotherapy to regain my mobility in my arm and I have worked hard with my exercises to regain mobility and am doing well. Unfortunately a couple of months ago I started getting a lot of pain in my other shoulder and was diagnosed as having bursitis this developed a year after being diagnosed with lymphoma. My doctor has given me a steriods injection into my shoulder which initially caused it to flare up, this was so painful for about three days, taking pain killers didn't really ease it very much at all. To be honest the injection has only slightly helped with the pain. I tend to limit my arm movement so as to not to have to endure the pain. Sometimes I forget myself and I might reach quite directly for something behind me and will then jump back in pain.

I wondered if this has been caused from over use of the left arm because of not having full mobility of my right arm ( lymphoedema arm)

Has anyone else had this experience since having lymphoedema?

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I have Lymphedema in my left leg since 2004 unrelated to my breast cancer. However, ever since getting lympedema, I experience bursitis off and on in my left hip and in my right arm. Incredibly painful. Am going through it curgently. The shots help my arm but haven't had any shots when I get it in my hip. But honestly it can bring me to tears and pain meds don't seem to help much. I just try to ride it out. Good luck with it. I hope you find relief.

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One other thing, I use alot of pure peppermint oil when I hurt really bad and also lidocaine patches. It helps some. I have gotten lucky as generally when I go to doctor with a pain like bursitis, they just wanted to chalk it all up to lymphedema or my previous back surgery and said I need to live with it.I was also told it was shingles but no rash. But in the past 2 years I have a new neighbor who is a orthopedic doctor and he has helped me get through the bursitis on arm more. I just recently was told the pain in hip is bursitis so next time it flares up real bad I will see if cortisone shot will help. Sometimes we just have to keep pushing for answers. Sorry to ramble.

I have bursitis in both hips I have had this for many years and I have just been diagnosed with lymphadema I go for regular injections it does hurt once the anaesthetic wears off but after three or four days I am pain free for another couple of months but they have to hit the right spot when giving the injection I am waiting for an appointment with the lymphadema clinic as I don't know what has caused this right now my left leg feels on fire and I don't know what to do with it I hope you get some relief soon x

I had bursitis in my knee completely independent of my left arm lymphoedema and was given a gel to rub on called Piroxicam in the UK. I thought I had maybe cracked my kneecap it was so painful but the gel really helped to clear it up.

I have Bursitis really bad in my legs esp knee area and my doc use to have to give me shots for it but the shots stopped working so now I am in so much pain I can hardly stand it.

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