Cramps when wearing my compression bandages

Hi i have lipoedema with secondary lymphoedema along with osteoarthritis in both knees due to a motorbike accident 35 years ago I now have a slipped disc and the problem is that when I wear my compression bandages I get constant cramps in my calfs.

So today I am not going to wear them.

Has anyone else had this problem

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  • Hi I use magnesium spray for cramps and it is instant relief. Just sprain the affected area. I use it at night mainly as it also helps with other types of pain. Also keep well hydrated as dehydration can also cause cramps. hugs Joolz.x

  • Ask your doctor if Quinine might help with cramp. My polio specialist recommended pills, and they stop cramp almost immediately. Ask for Quinine BISulphate (coated tablets which act faster than quinine Sulphate)

  • I usually only have cramps when in bed or resting and movement is the only way to bring relief,leaving off your garments will surely cause more fluid to build up,please be careful.Hope your health care professionals can help find relief for you,as you must be so worn down take care Linda xxx

  • Quinine is good for cramps or gabapentin which is a nerve blocker if it's more so a spasm

  • The pain in your calf will be caused by the slipped disc . Mine went at L5/S1 and if it compresses the nerve it causes pain in the calf and for me numbness in me leg and foot . Gabapentin is good for blocking nerve related pain .

  • Hi Loramay, I'm glad you've had some great advice here, I also have osteoporosis … ostepenia haven't started with compressions yet bur hope you get some relief x

  • Hi Loramay. I was told to always wear my compression socks (both lower legs) within half-hour of getting up in the morning, allowing for showering. If I don't get them on quickly enough it is as though someone is stinging my legs with nettles and I am so glad to get on the stockings. At first I had a lot of cramp (I also have a spinal problem) but drank a whole glass of boiled water when I went to bed and, apart from having to go to the loo, the cramp eventually went as my legs settled down. I find it helps to sleep on alternate sides and to have a pillow between my calves so that one leg or foot doesn't press on the other leg. If you persevere with the stockings and are sensible with alternate rest and walking then the swelling should start to reduce and the stockings won' be so tight. I assume you were measured for these.

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