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I am at last wearing Farrow wraps

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I find then brilliant really comfortable. To get them on my legs I find sitting on the loo the best place. I have only one problem my ankles itch like you would not believe- I know I must not break the skin so at 3.30am I got out of bed and got dressed at least I cannot reach them now :) has any one suggestions as to a cream thaT WILL STOP THE SCRATCH. I am sure my nurse used something I shall have to get to see her at the end of the day if all else fails. Trying to think of other things I know must not break the skin ........... yours scrathingly gins

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hi, have just clocked up 3weeks and 1 day in my farrow wraps and they are expelling my fluid well so i hope you get the same response from yours. I had to do away with the thighs as they fell down and prevented me moving but have perservered with the rest and yes my legs itch like hell. I also had extreme pain that felt like being scalded 24hrs a day but that is finally subsiding so i hope you don't get that effect. I slather on a urea based cream under the furry liners, not much point in giving you a name as i'm in australia and i don't know where you are. i thought the liners were the culprit but a thinner liner makes ridges in the legs. I also use a cortisone cream as well at the ankles or i would tear through my legs if i could. At 2am this morning i put on a bite cream with lignocaine as i thought i would die - pure bliss for long enough to get back to sleep. I have also had to change to bandaged feet then wrapped calves as my feet pieces quickly became to big in the wrong places and gave me sausage toes. Hope this helps.

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Good news! Use a cream such as Epaderm - or whatever is recommended to you - before you put on the liners. Rub it in to every part of the affected limbs. As I am an OAP (Old Age Pensioner), I get it free on prescription. It is available in UK pharmacies. Available in different sizes. Good luck!

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Hi Hexham

Thank you for mentioning Epaderm. Not having heard about that cream googled it. No lanolin in it whatsoever, how wonderful! I am allergic to lanolin so other normal moisturisers are an irritant to me. The only drawback is that it is paraffin based and therefore flammable! I hope you stay away from naked flames :)

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I sympathise with you greatly. I used to get it so bad that at times I'd feel like I could just scratch right through to the bone! I've since found that cooling my legs down with Johnson's Baby Wipes, followed by covering them in Diprobase cream works a treat. Good luck!

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Thank you all for your excellent suggestions ihas calmed considerably xgins

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