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Use of compression pumps

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Hello, I’m new to the group. I have lymphoedema, has anybody had any experience using the compression pumps?

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Hi...I hired one for a year and then bought one as I find it really helpful for my hand & arm swelling. I have to be out of my compression garment for some of the day for my work and so it is a great tool for me to use in the evening to reduce any swelling from the day before I put my night garment on.

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Thank you so much for your reply, that really helpful

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I have secondary lymphoedema in one leg/ foot plus lower abdomen/buttock. I trialled a LymphAssist at my lymphoedema clinic. It didn't seem to do very much for me; the nurse said some of her patients did get improvements with it. I get the impression everyone's different - best to trial before purchasing.

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Thank you so much for replying, thats very good advice

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Is your lymphoedema upper or lower limb?

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Hi its in the foot and lower limb

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My experience may not be helpful as it was in the 1990s and the technology may have improved. Found it unhelpful for my lymphodema which was in my bigleg . So have continued to use heavy compression garments. Now in my mid 70's have made 2 changes - that either variable may be helping and cannot say which, but noticing possitive changes in my big leg. First change is use of a kneeling chair when at my desk and the other is introducing CBD. The CBD was for something else, problem resolved but it so happened the problem was in my Bigleg. Both these variables in the last 12 months.

Watch out for the introduction of Medmeds. Some possitive changes in health care are on their way.

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Perido in reply to bigleg

I'm intrigued - what are Medmeds?

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bigleg in reply to Perido

These are excellent introductions to the new world of Med Beds: and It is technology that has been blocked for decades along with so many other wonderful non pharmaceutical cures. We are told they are already to be rolled out on an international scale. Personally I first learnt about them when we first went into lockdown. We are told we are into the transition process now - time will tell how long it will take!

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My son has primary lymphedema in his right leg, stage 3 and it started about 5 years ago. Pumping helped initially for about a year but after a while it did not. He has tried 3 different types of pumps. He has found that manual drainage is much more effective. The pumps squeeze the leg rather than the soft upwards motion of manual drainage.

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I used a Haddenham pump very successfully, and have written about it on

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Thanks for that, I’ve just read your article, it’s very positive 😊.

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Hi.I have tried Lympha Press Optimal V2. It has programs like Gradient and Wave, which mimic manual drainage very well.

In my case I needed both legs and both hips treatef, so it looked like a comically large pair of pants.

It was pleasant and effective.

Sadly, I ended up in the hospital in the middle of the trail, unrelatedly. I had 2 pneumonias and sepsis four times, all back to back in six months in fall 2019. Doctors already wrote a DNR, and gave me a from a few dYs to a few weeks of life expectancy.

And then it just...stopped. I'm living on a borrowed time, since there are no more antibiotics left to try. The next serious bacterial infection I get...that's that, then, game over.

Anyways, since all this happened, my local health care ended up not buying the equipment.

I found it helpful. And hey, any effective treatment that is not pain killers, is great in my books.

I hope you find a place to try it. But ask if it has these upwords going waves and gradients since that is the new technology.!

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On reading all of this I thought I might share and also realized that my doctor was not too good with my diagnosis. I had a hysterectomy due to tumors in my uterus in 2000 in the next year I started developing these horrid red tight ankles and from there my legs started swelling. I went through all kinds of tests because they were sure it was a vein problem. It wasn't and the swelling went from my toes to my hip. I bought the pumps on my own and found it took them right down so I started a regimen of using them morning and night. After telling my doctor he started me on depo medrol once a month. It has been a life savor for me. I do have to take the shot in a timely manor or the swelling will start to come back. One doctor told me the shots would shorten my life. I told him what I would never say that there was no life if I could not move around. I have auto immune problems and lupus. It helps all of it. I am 76 now and that makes it 21 years I guess and at least 15 on the shot. I work a full time job, own a business and sell real estate part time. I would try whatever works for you. The stockings did not work for me. I have arthritis in my hands and I couldn't get them on. I tried some with zippers and the swelling was so bad by night the zipper busted. LOL Just some ideas I have done and what worked for me.

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