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Hi everyone

I just go it my hydrogen flowtron 12 compression machine 18 mths after initially trying it out for six week and achieving a 5%reduction in the trial weeks. This seemed the best treatment around ( I was just being seen in clinic and being given very good sleeves but no treatment) but I did not have the 2000pounds needed. My consultant surgeon,oncoligst gp and lyphodima nurse all insisted this as what I needed they tried to find funding in their NHS but sadly this did not happen, it and med with there letters saying that I needed the machine I applied to Three charities for grants all were sucesfull and I received 2\3 of the money needed from th we grants friends and family helped too and I finally got the machine on Friday I'm using it daily and will keep u posted on my progress.

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  • the lympha press is brilliant too. good luck with your new pump and enjoy using it.

  • I am so happy for you Pineapple. Good Luck. The big guru Professor Mortimer does not believe in machines. I have a lymph press which I am happy with. Unfortunately just been diagnosed with legs lymphedema having initially got the machine for my arms. Will try and get trousers to connect to the machine to begin treatment.

  • So sorry to hear it's spread to your legs. Excuse mentor asking but is that how this condition can proceed, I've not heard of that happening before. I feel for u

  • happy for you and good luck with it, really hope it helps you, so glad you got the funding together

  • Waiting for tests as to why and how I have it on my legs. definitely lymphedema!

  • Please could you tell me what charities to apply to as I am just about to trial a lympho press which also is £2000

  • My sister contacted the firm in America & the family decided to go for a holiday this year.

    She bought it over there for £600 and brought it back with her.

    The UK firms are a rip-off.

  • As an addition to the American post I sent you -a doctor will tell you not to fly but she decided to take the risk & wore compression sox & did foot exercises on the flight.

  • My hospital. Helped me apply for a mc millian. Grant of £400 I also applied for a grant through my union and work For the same,amount more was raised through a religious community charity family and friends supported me individually and the last amount I paid my self the company gave me a slight discount, the price went up while I was raising the funds and they kept the original quote. I am thankful to all who helped me I hope this helps you

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