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I am now getting big blisters on my legs which I burst and they just keep leaking water constantly.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Please don’t burst them - it might cause lymphorrhea or potentially, cellulitis. Contact your lymphoedema clinic tomorrow for advice. They might recommend you apply absorbent dressings - I have used mattress pads under compression bandages in the past, changing them frequently. This keeps the fluid off the surrounding skin. Please, call them.

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I tried not too on my left leg, but then they were so full and around my blister was red area and then inside my blister after 3 or 4 days it went poisionist ☹️

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Lenora thanks for your advice. Due to Covid I have been waiting now 4 years to be seen by hospital specialist, I might be dead by the time I get seen! 🙄😳

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Redness can indicate infection - see your GP asap.

that sounds like Erysipelas and you need a strong anti-biotic to get rid of it, there is a very specific one that will sort it out.

Yes, doctor put me on antibiotics and it took about a month

Yes, me too. I suffer from lymphedema on my leg and genital lymphedema with lymphorrhea.Small blisters are a sign that your skin lacks elasticity to absorb additional lymph in that body area. If you burst a blister, lymphorrhea (weeping) will begin. The weeping of lymph fluid (lymphorrhea) will continue until the extra lymph has been released externally. Weeping will stop after one, two, or three days. It is very important to cover the weeping with a absorbing pad. Some say moisturizer helps, too. Good luck, God Bless and stay strong!

It was a nightmare but now much better, thankyou🤔

It is not a good idea to burst these blisters as they could become infected. Why not book a GP appointment and leave any compression off until they have been treated and they are pain free.

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Yes became infected, put on anti biotics and had district nurses in twice a week to put pads and wrap legs in bandages and then a stocking, stocking pulled all down by the next day, but pads stayed on.

I had this, badly.

They just burst on their own, all the time.

Super absorbent bandages where changed FOUR times a day, and I was still dripping this yellow liquid everywhere I went.

You could see where I had stopped, since there was a puddle.

Luckily, as a immunocompromised I got home care. That means a nurse came once a day and a practical nurse three times a day.

The painful treatment lasted up to six hours a day.

This stage took about three months. In the end, I was admitted to a skin specialist hospital. They put several layers of super absorbent bandages, and then tightened compress bindings around that entire package.

When the initial pain wears off it actually helped with the pain, and I was able to relax my 🦵 🦵 legs fot the first time in so long.

This HAS TO BE at the supervision of a nurse or a doctor, otherwise it could be dangerous.

And absolutely no picking at them. Trust me, you wouldn't like a open, infected wound the size of your entire calf, exuding pus and having a hard, white shell.

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Thanks so much for advice 😊

Thanks to you all. I am all mended now, it took a few months, so now getting measured for stocking or Velcro, see what's better for me.

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