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Compression tights

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Finally had my compression tights that the lymphoedema nurse measured me for. Says that I'm not to wear them till I see her next. But decided to try on a pair. OMG couldn't get them past my feet. Then couldn't get them off. Should have taken a video and sent it to 'you've been framed'. So funny if it wasn't serious. Maybe I should stick to my 'Proskin' leggings. Anyone heard or tried them. They are supposed to do the same thing and are so much more comfortable. Also picked up a few tips from you guys and am starting to dry body brush. Only been doing it a few days so will let you know when I see results. Also got a pedal exerciser as I can't always get out and about to exercise my legs (as I've been told to do). Again, early days, so I will update as and when. Not sure what the Lymphoedema nurse is going to say but I know that there is no way I can wear the tights. Have to wait and see at my next appt. Thanks for lisstening. x

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You need a pair of good old marigold rubber gloves to give you some grip on the tights - you will get used to them! Good luck. NNE

Have you had the dye test yet? I can't understand why you have been measured for tights without a definitive diagnosis. Perhaps it would be wise to wait until you see the nurse again - she may decide they may not be appropriate.

If you are comfy in Proskins, then kept wearing them. I know you have Reynauds. Do your feet swell due to it, or just the pain and numbness?

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HI Lynora. Wasn't gona wear the tights but wanted to just try them on cos they looked really small. Talk about tight!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do love my proskins and have just otdered another pair. I do get some swelling in my feet but mainly pain, numbness and discolouration. Not heard about my appt yet though have chased it up. x

Hi applying stockings with strong compression is a nack. Rubber gloves or gardening gloves the ones with a rubbery groups of grips on inside of hand. Put them on first ok next put the toe stretcher that comes with the stockings over the foot. Ready take the stocking and apply over you toes don't gather and pull go down near the ankle and pinch pleat a bit of stocking and pull up the leg repeat down near ankle and up . Eventually it should pass the knee (well mine come up my thighs) With gloves still on you can stroke stockings in an upward motion so no wrinkles any where now you need some shoes / slippers what ever is good footwear strong and sensible. Good luck xGins

Hi Angie, your nurse will show you how to get the stockings on. Yes, rubber gloves are a must, and maybe a donning frame (a device to help you 'don' [get them on] the stockings/garments). You don't have to have a dye test to wear stockings - you need stockings if your feet swell. If the stockings are intolerable to wear, you need to let your nurse/therapist know so that they can problem solve with you. I had a client - she spent 4 weeks getting bandaged, and then threw her expensive custom-made stockings in the bin because the compression was too high. She should have gone back to her nurse and ordered a lighter compression. All the best with your upcoming appointment, and your ongoing management. Well done on the pedal exerciser - any exercise is good for you!

There is a difference to getting the stockings and the tights on, The tights are much more difficult merely due to the fact you can't manoeuvre the top of the tights as you can a single stocking { I have worn both so think I understand }.You will learn to manage eventually once you have checked with your nurse that they are the correct size..... mistakes can be made. Don't give up please if you need them wear them, maybe a frame to help you get them on for starters. It is all so frustrating at the beginning and takes such along time to get dressed. But it does get easier although no one wants to be wearing compression garments from here on

Hi Angie

There is a reason that your nurse said to not try them until she can see you and that is so that she can show you how to put them on properly and check that they fit you correctly (don't be alarmed at the tightness of them that's how they work) As Patsy says there is a definite difference between wearing stockings and tights and this also goes for how you put them on. Some days it can take me 25+ minutes to get my tights on, ok this isn't helped by my back pain but there is a definite knack to it, the first thing I would say is to make sure you've been to the loo because once you've spent ages getting your tights on the last thing you want to do is take them off again lol! Also I find it much easier to put them on when my legs are dry (meaning not straight after showering or just after I've applied cream to my legs) .

If once you're wearing them you find you get any 'slippage' I would advise having some skin glue (I buy haddenham health Klebi skin adhesive) to hand ...I don't leave the house without my glue and rubber gloves. Inevitably if they are doing their job there will be some slippage as your legs reduce in size and change shape.

So for now I'd say don't worry and carry on with whatever exercise you can do until you get your appointment.

Good luck

Sorry hit the wrong button. There is life after compression garments even though we all have some days worse than others when we struggle with them . We find ways of adjusting our lives around the stockings, tights, sleeves and other garments. But we probably all need a whinge sometimes.!!!!!!!!!

I greatly appreciate what you say. Thanks. I wore one compression sock for 3 hours and after 2 hours I felt it was hell. When I eventually did get the sock off, my friend struggled to get it off as it was so tight as it was cutting my circulation off. It also left me with a pink sore ridge between my lower leg and calf. I couldn't wear the sock on my other foot as it had an injury from a fall. The one thing I did notice with the sock though is that it changed temporarily the shape of my foot to a lot narrower than normal, but as my feet respond to cold and hot weather I am not sure if this would have happened anyway as the weather is now cold and my feet almost look normal. I do know that in my field of work compression socks will not look good and on top of that I won't be able to wear them for any length of time and expect to be able to take them off myself. Come the summer I will also be wearing skirts and blouses and not trousers to teach in.


I can tell you when I first got mine from the nurse I thought she was having a laugh and was trying to give me a new exercise regime ha ha. Did she tell you to wear marigolds to use to grip them. There is a knack to it but you will get it. Please make sure that the prescription clerk at your gp has ordered the correct ones as I have had no end of trouble with them writing the wrong codes onto the prescription for the chemist to order in. They say it's due to what ones are authorised to be on their ordering list and don't always match up to what the lymphoedema clinics nurse has on hers. I have below the knee ones which are easier and I put them on first thing each day, and thankfully it's working a treat. please don't give up on them they do work.

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Got measured up by my Lymphoedema nurse and she said not to wear them till I see her which will be in 2 wks time. Hope she's given me enough time cos I know its gona be trial and error to get them on. I just hope she's measured me correctly. Nevermind, it'll be a laugh if nothing else.

I found out when I had some custom stocking made that not all manufactures are the same. Foe example when we ordered juzo custom 3, could not get them on because theirs is different than say jobst e or median 3. I wasn't aware of this until I could not get them on at all. We had to have them remade.

They are difficult the first time and ease up with time...You start at the foot and gently roll them up.....Didn't the nurse help you when you were with her?

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No. She measured me and they were sent to me. Have to see her in 2 wks for the fitting

Always wash new stockings before trying to put them on. Then when you use rubber gloves they will "stick" to the stockings. I use textured gardening gloves they last longer. Never give up on compression stockings they are the best godsend. Good luck.

I have been given the tights and thought I would look normal again and be free of slax after years of covering up ----but I cant get the strength to get them on .---- Its back to slax & long skirts.

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I know how you feel craftinglady. I'm gona problably feel the same. I'm finding that shop bought compression tights easier to put on as well as my 'proskins', which I wear every day and hopefully in time, will see a bit of an improvement.

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